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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

2014 Cornyval parade

Abby's gymnastics team walked in the Cornyval Parade over the weekend. This was our first time participating in the parade since Abby just made the team in March. She was nervous at first when I asked her if she wanted to participate because she had nothing to compare the experience to and walking in the road sounded a little frightening. Once she attended the practice for their parade routine she was more excited about it and being with her friends on the team helped a lot. 

This meant we were up bright and early Saturday morning. We had to be at the gym at 7. (Thank goodness it doesn't take us long to get there!) 
The moms left the girls at the gym to ride together in the team vans and we drove our cars to the end of the parade route then piled in one car to meet them at the front in the line-up. Then it was a lot of wait time to start the parade. Over two hours to be exact. 

The parade had a horse theme this year - which fit in nicely since it was Kentucky derby day. So all the gymnast were little jockeys. 
The girls practiced their routine a little bit and played around a little as well. 

Finally around 10 we were able to line up and start moving towards the beginning of the parade route. We were float number 46 so we had a ways to go before we really started moving down the street. 
That didn't stop the girls from doing hand stands, cartwheels and other various gymnastics tricks down the road. I think Abby did at least 100 cartwheels and handstands - minimum - during the 2.5 mile parade route. 
She had a lot of fun though. She keeps asking to do it again. I'm impressed with Abby because she did choose to ride a little bit but she walked/cartwheeled the majority of the parade. 

This was our first time seeing or participating in the Cornyval events so it was nice to see a little of what went on at the Helotes Cornyval. There was not only the parade, but also a PRCA rodeo (and mutton bustin - which Micah didn't make the age cut off for this year) a fair grounds, also we walked through the market days on our way to the car and got to see a little of that as well. Abby saw the dog adoptions of course and wanted another dog…. she also for a minute wanted to give up gymnastics for riding lessons with all the horses. Maybe I can find her something with horses this summer…. 

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