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Monday, April 28, 2014

weekend recap

Busy, busy, busy, busy… and lots of fun is about how I can sum up our weekend. It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap and this one was jam packed with fun so here goes. 

Friday morning was a day off from school because of Fiesta and the battle of the flowers. You'll have to google that because that's about as much detail I can give you. Oh yea there is a big parade downtown but as to the history I should probably learn more about that. So we took the opportunity to head up to New Braunfels to see the Compassion Change the Story tour and also to have a playdate with my friend who lives up there. The Compassion experience was awesome - I wished we could have gone through all three stories they had but the little ones only tolerated one. I think it was a great way for them to get a little taste of how children in other countries live. If the tour comes to a city you are in - go for it! 

That evening was t-ball practice which ended up being picture day (as I found out two hours before!) and that was near chaos. I had all three on my own which would have been not too difficult if it had been practice but pictures involved being in a different part of the field and keeping Micah in line with his team, while filling out the picture form and keeping two bored girls occupied. Add to that we were totally on the opposite side of the complex from the restrooms when a certain 2 year old started exclaiming potty potty! Of course this was right as they started lining them up for their team picture and then one of the little ones on the team started crying for mommy and it took longer. Then to add to the comedy of the situation at this point Micah is the last to listen and line up to take indivduals all while Lexie still has to potty! So she gets distracted asking about the water bottle we brought… but guess where it is… back at the playground….. near the restroom. And she takes off to try and go get it all by herself and is none too pleased she is stopped. Finally pictures are done and miraculously Lexie was able to hold it and we made it to the potty in time. At this point practice time is over so sadly no actual practice for a little boy who really wanted to play ball. 

The next morning it was game time. I packed up Lexie and Abby with snacks and buckled Lexie into the stroller so I could also help Micah as he tends to pout when he doesn't get the ball in the field. First inning went well (with lots of reminders to pay attention) as he wound up playing first base. This meant most balls got thrown to him after being caught so lots of playing time. Though he still needed reminding to pay attention to where the ball is so that he wouldn't get hit with it when they through it to him. Second inning he played infield and he started off well with catching the first ball but without another caught he got discouraged. Third inning he opted not to play when they were fielding but he still enjoyed batting each inning. 

Following the t-ball game we headed straight to a birthday party for one of Lexie's little friends. Bounce house, swing set, trampoline - everyone was in kid heaven and came home exhausted and sweaty! It was fun to hang out with friends and let the kids play and celebrate a sweet friends little girl's 3rd birthday. 

Of course the day didn't end there. We took off from working at Church that day and we were able to rest for a couple hours before heading to a banquet for Abby's gymnastics team. She just tried out and made the team two months ago. This was a banquet to celebrate the girls that competed achievements and also to introduce the new girls to the team. Abby had a blast with her teammates - though she did comment that she would have rather been practicing! She loved that they all got little bags with tiny trophies and candy. :) I'm glad she is enjoying it so much and love seeing all the progress and skills she's mastered in just the two short months she's been on team. 
Sunday we stayed home from Church recovering from our busy day before and I watched the live feed while the littles played.  After nap time we headed up to Church to work in the nursery during a celebration for the 5th graders. Usually I wind up working in a 1st or 2nd grade room which is always crazy with active boys in a room that usually for 2 or 3 year olds. This year I was in the nursery with the toddlers and we only had 3 (compared to the 8-14 in the grade level classes!) so it was really quiet and relaxing compared to my previous years experiences. 

When we pulled back into the driveway, the kids spotted the neighbors playing with a sprinkler in their yard and immediately asked to go join them so they did while I started on dinner and worked on birthday invitations for Micah's party. 
It was hot today too so the kids ended up playing in the sprinkler again today.
We all slept well after such a busy weekend! Now it's back to regular life…. and doing the reality check of oh yes I did sign up and convince my mom and friend to join me in doing a triathlon on Mother's Day weekend. At least we'll all suffer have fun together right? So triathlon training and party planning are my agenda for the week. What's your week look like?

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