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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Lexie's first pedicure

One of Gigi's and I's favorite - must do- things when we visit is pedicures. This time we took Lexie along for her first pedicure. Usually we try to leave her and just take Abby along for fear she'll be too wiggly.

This salon was perfect for her first pedicure too! They cater to little girls as they have little girl services and offer a party room for birthday parties. Instead of the violent massage chars they had benches like some spas have. This was perfect because Lexie could sit on the bench between us instead of having to be on one of our laps.
She was very quiet and taking it all in and sat mostly still too! When  they were ready to do her toes they offered her a cookie and apple juice. If I can say my only complaint about the salon was that they offered it within her hearing so she knew before I had a chance to say yes or no then I'd say it was a great salon. 
 Lexie was very uncooperative at first as they tried to clip her toes and then when they switched to try to file them…. stinker little girl does not like having her nails clipped - even I have to hold her down to do them! However when they switched to the polish she was very still and watched as they painted her toes.
She was very happy with her pretty pink toes, cookie and apple juice. 
Crazy-eyed Abby also got a full mini-mani and pedi this time instead of just toe polish like her usual. She picked red on one hand/foot and blue on the other - both with sparkles. Silly girl wouldn't give me a good picture! 
Such a wonderful girls treat! Now the nail salon needs to open a second location here in SA but with my parents lovely new pool I'm sure we'll be there often enough! 

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