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Monday, April 07, 2014

Isla's Pony Party

One of my closest friends has a little girl Lexie's age and for her 2nd birthday she had a darling pony party. Abby, my animal lover, was so excited about this because there would be pony rides. Micah is pretty big into animals too so I knew he'd enjoy it and he loves playing with her older daughter (when Abby isn't there and playing with her instead because they have a hard time playing all together sometimes because of the age and gender differences)

I didn't think Lexie would be too into the ponys (well past the stick horse ones!)

But she really warmed up and even went for a pony ride!

The food was great and totally fit in with the party theme. The boys especially loved to get to roast their hot dogs in the fire (the rest got cooked on the grill.)

Such sweet little girlies all playing together.

And of course pin the tail on the pony.
Happy birthday sweet Isla!
Now this weekend is big sisters mermaid party and my kids are equally excited and I know it's going to be darling!

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