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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fiesta day at preschool

This week was our third go-round with the Fiesta float parade. This is a day many parents dread just due to the task of making the float. For the first time I was actually a little excited about it because after seeing several float parades I had a better idea to get me started than I had with out first float parade. It was Micah's first time, our first two experiences were with Abby in preschool and kinder. When I started talking to Micah about the shoebox parade and asking him what he wanted to decorate his float like, he immediately said dinosaur. He initially wanted to do it with the pterodactyls (flying dinosaur) but when I asked him to bring down the dinosaurs he wanted to use he didn't bring those down. 

After the gym, we headed to Hobby Lobby to get supplies. I had showed Micah some ideas on interest and he knew he wanted trees so we were shopping for supplies to make trees. He was very excited to be helping find what we needed. He picked out the paint color he wanted his dinosaur to be as well. 

When we got home we got set painting. First the box, then we printed, magnified, and traced a dinosaur head and tail to add onto our box and painted those as well. Then we cut out some tree trunks and painted those. 

Then the torturous wait for the paint to try! Luckily it was naptime and he was easily distracted by being allowed to watch a show on the iPad while Lexie took a nap. 

After naptime we added 'grass' and 'leaves' onto the box and the tops of the tree trunks so they looked like trees. We hot glued the trees down and stabilized them with a tooth pick so they stayed standing upright. (This worked for the smaller two but the larger one could have used a second toothpick to stay standing upright better but Micah was thrilled with his trees) Then we added the dinosaurs Micah had selected on top of the grass.  

Then came Daddy's portion of the float - adding wheels! He dug up some wheels from him old box of connects complete with axels so that the box would roll smoothly. He also solved my dinosaur head falling of problem with a slit in the box to stick it through instead of simply gluing it on. Ha! See men's brains really do work differently - creative side vs. logical/engineering side. 

Micah was thrilled with his dinosaur float and couldn't wait to show it off at school. I'd say that's the sign of a successful Fiesta shoebox float! 

 Look how proud he looks pulling his dino around the upper mall area of Church/preschool. :)
Lexie loved watching the parade (especially all the Princess, My Little Pony, Frozen and Sophia floats!) but she did get a little tired towards the end in which she started summersaulting into the parade route. Ha! She looked festive doing it though. 

And a class photo of everyone with their shoebox floats before they headed off for a fun day.
The parade was only the start of Fiesta day - other activities included making cascarones, making maracas, decorating cupcakes (yum!) a Fiesta meal for lunch and face painting. See I took Micah to preschool and came home with Spider-man. He was such a happy camper with his face paint! (And Abby was so jealous when she got home from school) 

This is just about the only Fiesta event that we do. We have yet to do any 'real' Fiesta events… but this one is awesome! 

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a said...

Awesome job on the float--I'm in awe!! And I love seeing our church on a blog. :)

Unknown said...

That is a cool float!!! Ours have never looked that cool and we've done at least 4 floats so far... I'm at the point of dreading doing them but this year my husband got involved which made it a tad easier and then I put it in the hands of my 7 yr old. PS--- Go to a Fiesta event... So fun!

Unknown said...

Nice job! You obviously have a craft gene. Mine wouldn't be quite so fun as I lack that crafting gene.

Southern Fried Domestication said...

That is AWESOME!! So you are telling me you have to make mini floats in school around these parts? All over or certain areas?

Traci said...

So awesome! I think I want to participate in Fiesta Day!