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Monday, April 28, 2014

weekend recap

Busy, busy, busy, busy… and lots of fun is about how I can sum up our weekend. It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap and this one was jam packed with fun so here goes. 

Friday morning was a day off from school because of Fiesta and the battle of the flowers. You'll have to google that because that's about as much detail I can give you. Oh yea there is a big parade downtown but as to the history I should probably learn more about that. So we took the opportunity to head up to New Braunfels to see the Compassion Change the Story tour and also to have a playdate with my friend who lives up there. The Compassion experience was awesome - I wished we could have gone through all three stories they had but the little ones only tolerated one. I think it was a great way for them to get a little taste of how children in other countries live. If the tour comes to a city you are in - go for it! 

That evening was t-ball practice which ended up being picture day (as I found out two hours before!) and that was near chaos. I had all three on my own which would have been not too difficult if it had been practice but pictures involved being in a different part of the field and keeping Micah in line with his team, while filling out the picture form and keeping two bored girls occupied. Add to that we were totally on the opposite side of the complex from the restrooms when a certain 2 year old started exclaiming potty potty! Of course this was right as they started lining them up for their team picture and then one of the little ones on the team started crying for mommy and it took longer. Then to add to the comedy of the situation at this point Micah is the last to listen and line up to take indivduals all while Lexie still has to potty! So she gets distracted asking about the water bottle we brought… but guess where it is… back at the playground….. near the restroom. And she takes off to try and go get it all by herself and is none too pleased she is stopped. Finally pictures are done and miraculously Lexie was able to hold it and we made it to the potty in time. At this point practice time is over so sadly no actual practice for a little boy who really wanted to play ball. 

The next morning it was game time. I packed up Lexie and Abby with snacks and buckled Lexie into the stroller so I could also help Micah as he tends to pout when he doesn't get the ball in the field. First inning went well (with lots of reminders to pay attention) as he wound up playing first base. This meant most balls got thrown to him after being caught so lots of playing time. Though he still needed reminding to pay attention to where the ball is so that he wouldn't get hit with it when they through it to him. Second inning he played infield and he started off well with catching the first ball but without another caught he got discouraged. Third inning he opted not to play when they were fielding but he still enjoyed batting each inning. 

Following the t-ball game we headed straight to a birthday party for one of Lexie's little friends. Bounce house, swing set, trampoline - everyone was in kid heaven and came home exhausted and sweaty! It was fun to hang out with friends and let the kids play and celebrate a sweet friends little girl's 3rd birthday. 

Of course the day didn't end there. We took off from working at Church that day and we were able to rest for a couple hours before heading to a banquet for Abby's gymnastics team. She just tried out and made the team two months ago. This was a banquet to celebrate the girls that competed achievements and also to introduce the new girls to the team. Abby had a blast with her teammates - though she did comment that she would have rather been practicing! She loved that they all got little bags with tiny trophies and candy. :) I'm glad she is enjoying it so much and love seeing all the progress and skills she's mastered in just the two short months she's been on team. 
Sunday we stayed home from Church recovering from our busy day before and I watched the live feed while the littles played.  After nap time we headed up to Church to work in the nursery during a celebration for the 5th graders. Usually I wind up working in a 1st or 2nd grade room which is always crazy with active boys in a room that usually for 2 or 3 year olds. This year I was in the nursery with the toddlers and we only had 3 (compared to the 8-14 in the grade level classes!) so it was really quiet and relaxing compared to my previous years experiences. 

When we pulled back into the driveway, the kids spotted the neighbors playing with a sprinkler in their yard and immediately asked to go join them so they did while I started on dinner and worked on birthday invitations for Micah's party. 
It was hot today too so the kids ended up playing in the sprinkler again today.
We all slept well after such a busy weekend! Now it's back to regular life…. and doing the reality check of oh yes I did sign up and convince my mom and friend to join me in doing a triathlon on Mother's Day weekend. At least we'll all suffer have fun together right? So triathlon training and party planning are my agenda for the week. What's your week look like?

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fiesta day at preschool

This week was our third go-round with the Fiesta float parade. This is a day many parents dread just due to the task of making the float. For the first time I was actually a little excited about it because after seeing several float parades I had a better idea to get me started than I had with out first float parade. It was Micah's first time, our first two experiences were with Abby in preschool and kinder. When I started talking to Micah about the shoebox parade and asking him what he wanted to decorate his float like, he immediately said dinosaur. He initially wanted to do it with the pterodactyls (flying dinosaur) but when I asked him to bring down the dinosaurs he wanted to use he didn't bring those down. 

After the gym, we headed to Hobby Lobby to get supplies. I had showed Micah some ideas on interest and he knew he wanted trees so we were shopping for supplies to make trees. He was very excited to be helping find what we needed. He picked out the paint color he wanted his dinosaur to be as well. 

When we got home we got set painting. First the box, then we printed, magnified, and traced a dinosaur head and tail to add onto our box and painted those as well. Then we cut out some tree trunks and painted those. 

Then the torturous wait for the paint to try! Luckily it was naptime and he was easily distracted by being allowed to watch a show on the iPad while Lexie took a nap. 

After naptime we added 'grass' and 'leaves' onto the box and the tops of the tree trunks so they looked like trees. We hot glued the trees down and stabilized them with a tooth pick so they stayed standing upright. (This worked for the smaller two but the larger one could have used a second toothpick to stay standing upright better but Micah was thrilled with his trees) Then we added the dinosaurs Micah had selected on top of the grass.  

Then came Daddy's portion of the float - adding wheels! He dug up some wheels from him old box of connects complete with axels so that the box would roll smoothly. He also solved my dinosaur head falling of problem with a slit in the box to stick it through instead of simply gluing it on. Ha! See men's brains really do work differently - creative side vs. logical/engineering side. 

Micah was thrilled with his dinosaur float and couldn't wait to show it off at school. I'd say that's the sign of a successful Fiesta shoebox float! 

 Look how proud he looks pulling his dino around the upper mall area of Church/preschool. :)
Lexie loved watching the parade (especially all the Princess, My Little Pony, Frozen and Sophia floats!) but she did get a little tired towards the end in which she started summersaulting into the parade route. Ha! She looked festive doing it though. 

And a class photo of everyone with their shoebox floats before they headed off for a fun day.
The parade was only the start of Fiesta day - other activities included making cascarones, making maracas, decorating cupcakes (yum!) a Fiesta meal for lunch and face painting. See I took Micah to preschool and came home with Spider-man. He was such a happy camper with his face paint! (And Abby was so jealous when she got home from school) 

This is just about the only Fiesta event that we do. We have yet to do any 'real' Fiesta events… but this one is awesome! 

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014 - HE is Risen!

"Behold, This is our God; We have waited for Him, That He might save us…. Let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation." Isaiah 25

Easter Sunday isn't all about baskets, candy, pretty dresses and bonnets but that doesn't mean we can't have a little of that while we celebrate that Jesus rose from the grave for our sins. 

So Easter baskets were dug into early this morning. All three were very happy with what the 'Easter Bunny' brought. I think the Peeps might have been the hit - all three were thrilled they got their own pack. Especially Lexie - I wish I had gotten a better picture of her excited face about her 'birdies.' She also loved her pink bunny (that she picked out at the store - ha! Last time I'll be able to get away with that!) 

Breakfast and then off to Church. Last week we saw them getting ready to plant the flowers and I commented to Lexie about it so this morning she took note of the pretty flowers and wanted to stop on the way into Church to look at them. 
When we got home I asked Beau to attempt a family picture. However the weather was overcast and slightly drizzly so all the roly pollies were out…. and Abby and Micah love bugs. Before I could grab the camera, they each had a handful of bugs. Which they were none too happy about being told to drop them and they couldn't bring them inside. With that went any cooperation for the picture as they were concerned about watching the roly pollies on the ground at that point. 

They were quickly cheered up by the cascarones from their baskets and wanted to go in the backyard to break them open.

Lexie was unsure about this at first - especially since Micah cracked 2 of his on her head. 

But she quickly learned it was funny as she watched them crack many eggs on my head… and then Abby was a sweet big sister to volunteer to let Lexie crack one on her head.

Of course the littles find it most hilarious to crack them on Honey!

Beau cooked us a yummy lunch and then after nap time Micah and Abby played next store with the neighbors as they were having a fun Easter party with an egg hunt, piƱata, and more cascarones. Then they wanted to dance and Abby and one of the other little boys played judge for the dancing making their own little version of So You Think You Can Dance. Ha! (Though I'm not sure they know what the show is but still it was hilarious to see them set up to judge the dancing)

I hope ya'll have had a wonderful Easter as well.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Saturday morning scene

It's early… not that early but normal waking time for a school day. It's one of those rare Saturdays around here where we don't have anything to be up for in the morning - no gym, no t-ball, Daddy didn't have odd hours where his sleeping didn't match normal sleeping hours. It's one of those mornings we don't have to be out of bed right away but the littles of course don't understand this kind of morning.

I can hear little feet and voices playing in the playroom but we roll back over and try to pretend the littles aren't up for the day already. Lexie comes in oh 5 times over the next 20 minutes with little cries that "Bubba hurt me" (A common phrase I must hear minimum 50 times a day - in rare cases she actually got hurt, most often she didn't want to play his game, or he looked at her the wrong way - she's rarely crying about it and is always good to go with a hug, kiss or an I'm sorry.)

Sooner than we'd like the biggest of the bunch is awake and that's usually Micah's cue that he's starving (said while rubbing his belly) and we've clearly forgotten or are choosing not to feed them breakfast that day and he's very distressed about it.

Micah being in our room, means everyone has now come in and piled on the bed… because it's family cuddle time…. which quickly progresses to tickle Daddy time. (I'm mostly exempt for this game because lucky me I'm hardly ticklish and Daddy is just oh so ticklish) It's all fun and games while Abby and Micah gang up on Daddy and Lexie jumps in and out of the fun as well. She likes the sitting on top of us part and sometimes pretends to try and tickle us too.
(can you spot Daddy?)

Then Daddy ruins the fun by getting a hold of Abby and she dissolves into a crying fit because he's "hurting" her by holding her in between us (gently of course!) but it's only really hurting her feelings because not 2 seconds after she is released she is giggling and attacking Daddy again.

Micah chimes in again that he's hungry during a break in the 'game.' Resulting in the kids melting down  into tears we are ruining their fun by sending them to the playroom for 5 minutes to discuss what we want to do for breakfast. (For the record Micah voted for tacos, Abby for waffles and Lexie said she wanted tacos but really the only thing she'll eat will be the bacon)

Two minutes later, Mr. I Now Know How To Make A PB&J Sandwich has gone downstairs and taken the liberty of making pb&js for all 3 kids because clearly when we asked for 5 minutes to decide on breakfast and hadn't done anything about it two minutes later we were back to not feeding them at all today. So pb&js for breakfast it is I suppose.  Well until brunch….. and yes even with brunch they'll still want lunch an hour later.

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Isla's Pony Party

One of my closest friends has a little girl Lexie's age and for her 2nd birthday she had a darling pony party. Abby, my animal lover, was so excited about this because there would be pony rides. Micah is pretty big into animals too so I knew he'd enjoy it and he loves playing with her older daughter (when Abby isn't there and playing with her instead because they have a hard time playing all together sometimes because of the age and gender differences)

I didn't think Lexie would be too into the ponys (well past the stick horse ones!)

But she really warmed up and even went for a pony ride!

The food was great and totally fit in with the party theme. The boys especially loved to get to roast their hot dogs in the fire (the rest got cooked on the grill.)

Such sweet little girlies all playing together.

And of course pin the tail on the pony.
Happy birthday sweet Isla!
Now this weekend is big sisters mermaid party and my kids are equally excited and I know it's going to be darling!

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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Lexie's first pedicure

One of Gigi's and I's favorite - must do- things when we visit is pedicures. This time we took Lexie along for her first pedicure. Usually we try to leave her and just take Abby along for fear she'll be too wiggly.

This salon was perfect for her first pedicure too! They cater to little girls as they have little girl services and offer a party room for birthday parties. Instead of the violent massage chars they had benches like some spas have. This was perfect because Lexie could sit on the bench between us instead of having to be on one of our laps.
She was very quiet and taking it all in and sat mostly still too! When  they were ready to do her toes they offered her a cookie and apple juice. If I can say my only complaint about the salon was that they offered it within her hearing so she knew before I had a chance to say yes or no then I'd say it was a great salon. 
 Lexie was very uncooperative at first as they tried to clip her toes and then when they switched to try to file them…. stinker little girl does not like having her nails clipped - even I have to hold her down to do them! However when they switched to the polish she was very still and watched as they painted her toes.
She was very happy with her pretty pink toes, cookie and apple juice. 
Crazy-eyed Abby also got a full mini-mani and pedi this time instead of just toe polish like her usual. She picked red on one hand/foot and blue on the other - both with sparkles. Silly girl wouldn't give me a good picture! 
Such a wonderful girls treat! Now the nail salon needs to open a second location here in SA but with my parents lovely new pool I'm sure we'll be there often enough! 

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