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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two year check up and teddy pictures

Last week was Lexie's (late) two year well check. Her pedi also was her Sunday School teacher the past 6 months until she moved to a 2 year old room so I didn't think she would be afraid or hesitant about the appointment. However the minute we started walking back and the nurse wanted her to stand on the scale, she didn't want to be there anymore. We had to go to the baby scale and even then she didn't want to stay sitting. It even took her several minutes to warm up to the doctor - the white coat makes her scary instead of the friendly Sunday School teacher I assume… or maybe she thought she was going to be left there since I drop her off with her at Church? 
 Our doctor is of course great with her and since Lexie had insisted on bring baby in with us, she checked over baby before it was Lexie's turn. She's healthy and perfect, meeting all her milestones but still on the petite side - though not as tiny as brother was. She weighed in at 24lbs and was 34.5 inches tall.
At two she is talking, sometimes in 3 word sentences - but doesn't talk as much to people she doesn't know. Her pedi didn't realized she talks as much as she does since she didn't talk in class! She can recognize some colors, 'sings' the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle (especially when she doesn't want to sleep!) She is 90% potty trained with just an occasional accident - mostly when she is being a two year old and insisting she doesn't 'have' to go or doesn't want to stop playing. She is a joy and there are days I want to just bottle her up and not let her get any older. (Then there are others where I realize where the saying terrible twos came from since Abby and Micah weren't near as opinionated as she is!) 

Her favorite foods include all things berries, grapes, clementines, mashed potatoes, ribs, steak, peanut butter and cookie butter (on spoons not a sandwich!) 

She loves to play outside but also is currently really into Sofia. She has worn her Sofia dress up costume out several places and also tries to wear big sisters dress up shoes with it. She's very busy playing most of the time. I was in shocked when she barely moved during the whole Frozen movie - that might be the longest she was ever that still while awake.  

A month late but I finally remembered to take her 2 year growth shots with her teddy bear! She is such a ham when she wants to be and will tell me to take more even after I'm done and continue posing… 

Then there are other times I luck out and snap at the right moment. During Lexie's turn for pictures for our Bibleland Tuesday morning crafts, Lexie ran out willing for the picture, twirled, stood for a second then said she was done and ran back to the door. 

Alexis Hadley - we love you and your sweet two year old self! 

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Unknown said...

Oh she's so sweet!!

She makes me want another one.

Unknown said...

That path out to the playground is SO beautiful, and I love the first teddy bear picture.

Kate is nearing 2.5 and I haven't taken her in for her well-check yet...I just don't want to expose her to all the cold & flu germs if I can help it!

Traci said...

Yay for good Dr's reports! Love her outfit!