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Monday, February 10, 2014

the day it snowed dipping dots

So last week we unexpectedly woke up to snow on the ground. In the previous weeks the news had made a big deal of the freezing weather and possible chances of snow and ice on the ground however not this time so I was surprised when I started seeing pictures of people around town playing in snow sine I hadn't looked out the windows yet. 

I quickly woke up Abby and Micah, grabbed them a super fast breakfast (because Micah is ALWAYS hungry first thing) then we bundled up and headed outside. School could wait for a few minutes while we played in the snow. Since it was supposed to warm up and it wasn't snowing or raining anymore school wasn't canceled for the day.
 Abby had fun scooping some up and making it fall from the sky as if it was still snowing.

When Lexie woke up we bundled her up as well and she joined us. She didn't know what to think of the cold and the frozen snow. It looked almost like it had snowed dippin' dots. It wasn't hail but it wasn't snow flakes either. The weather man taught us it's actually called graupel. 

 We built a tee tiny snow man but the kids quickly used it as snow balls before I could get a chance to take a picture of him. He was so small and the snow was so icy I couldn't get a carrot to stick in his face so he was a faceless snowman.
 Lexie warmed up to the idea of snow while we were in the backyard, or at least she wanted to play on the swing set - swinging and sliding into the snow pile at the bottom while watching the bigger two play in the snow.
This playtime was of course followed by hot chocolate to warm up some very cold hands before taking Abby to school and the gym for the rest of us. 

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Unknown said...

I had never seen graupel before--really cool!

Southern Fried Domestication said...

My neighbor who is originally from Texas is always obsessing about the weather. I don't know why, she just is always talkin' about it. She just about beat down my door and called my mother about the snow. Originally being from Arkansas, after viewing said snow I laughed so hard my coffee came out my nose.

Traci said...

We had some graupel last week. I'd never heard the term before. The weather has been so crazy.