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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


It's been a wacky weather couple weeks. Ice days and 80 degree afternoons in the same week. We've been enjoying it all. It's nice to get out and play and enjoy the beautiful afternoons but at the same time I'm not all that ready to jump into summer. I know the 50 + days of 100 degree heat are going to be on us before long and I'm content to be bundle up wearing a cute sweater and boots a little while longer. It's so rare down here that we get an ice or snow day (the last one was 3 years ago - and we got a whole   inch and 1/2ish of snow) that I'd love to see another day of snow and build a tiny Texas snowman. I will admit I'm not thrilled about the make up day being the day I was planning on  going to the Livestock show and rodeo with the kids for the dollar day and playing on the rides all day and enjoy some greasy fair food! (Would it make me a bad mom for the kids to skip?) 

It was so nice outside the other day that the littles thought it was appropriate to break out the tank tops and there was no talking them out of it! Lexie took a spill on her trike and busted her lip - poor baby :( However a popsicle always makes it better - especially when they are too busy to sit or wanting to keep ice on their lips. 
For her birthday she got her own scooter since she loved to try and ride the big kids scooters. Hers is nice and low to the ground and the handle bar doesn't twist you just lean to turn so it's much easier for Lexie to ride and she is really getting the hang of it.
We also pulled out the bubbles and this little girl loved to practice blowing bubbles! (I was distracting her because the other two wanted to play in their 'hideout' in the bushes without baby sister) We should have practiced this more before her birthday and she would have been totally ready to blow out her candles!

This week will continue more of the same, today it's nice and warm but tomorrow will be back to chilly. I do wish it would pick one or a happy medium but as I said I'll take it because on the warm days it's beautiful to play outside and on the cold days we bundle up, enjoy the cold while we have it and have a warm cup of hot chocolate! I'm not in a huge rush for the 100 degree heat of summer either. 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

I'm jealous of your weather! Ours has been awful!! My mom said yesterday how she likes spring. I was like WHAT SPRING? WE NEVER HAVE SPRING!! Ha!