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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mustang Trot 2014

Every year Abby's school holds a fundraiser dance/silent auction/pony rides/bake sale/you name it type thing. As always the kids favorite is the petting zoo. Usually they love the face painting as well but either they didn't have it this year or we managed to avoid that area. It was freezing on this particular Friday night so we bundled up and braved the petting zoo first - after a spin through the silent auction baskets.

We managed to drag Daddy along with us this year so I had an extra set of hands to wrangle the littles through the crowded library filled with silent auction baskets. Of course this means this year we managed to bid on a basket…. well sort of. Abby found the one that was teacher for a day with her teacher. So we bid - first on the list…. and found out later we (or rather she) won. So one day in May, Abby will be teacher for a day.

Then we headed out for the petting zoo and pony rides. This year they brought goats, a sheep and a miniature cow. No bunnies, chickens and such this year… maybe it was too cold?
Daddy tried to convince Lexie to pet the sheep but she wasn't having it. While she had that one day bonding with our dog, she still isn't sure about Honey most days so other animals are usually out too!
Abby and Micah however are total opposites however running from animal to animal petting them all!

Then of course begging to ride the ponies which we of course do, it's a fundraiser after all right? (And still half the price of any pony ride at the rodeo/carnival!)

Then they played the little games in the cafeteria and won prizes (aka happy meal toys- that made the kids extremely happy and mommy cringe because I try to give/throw those out as soon as I can!) and finally headed to the gym for the 2nd grade dance time for Abby. They had learned a dance in music class and they performed it, then taught the families to join in. 

And home…. with exhausted parents and happy kiddos. We never stay that long but man it's exhausting trying to corral three littles in a crowded school and not lose anyone! 

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