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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Lexie's PJs and Pancakes Party

The Pinterest area means that I had the idea for both Lexie's first birthday party and her second well in advance of the party…. like almost a year in advance. Because of the toddler afternoon nap time that makes an afternoon party tricky for most 2 year olds, a morning party was perfect. Even though Lexie isn't a huge fan of pancakes - she loves the sides the accompany it - bacon (I mean she is my daughter ha!) and fruit. So a pancakes and pajama party were perfect for celebrating Alexis's second birthday.
The color theme came from her pajamas - pink and blue and we threw in some gold because it looked so pretty with the whole color scheme. 
Mini-pancake stacks for little two year olds. :) 

And it's not a birthday party without cake! I attempted to dust them with some edible glitter but it didn't 'dust' well was was clumpy and I couldn't brush it on because the frosting wasn't dry. But they still looked and tasted great! 
We set up a folding table on laundry baskets making it a perfect height for all the littles to sit around the table on pillows on the floor. Instead of a table cloth, I threw a sheet over it since it was a breakfast party! 

Then for activities since Alexis has a winter birthday, we made snow with baking soda to play with (great carpet freshener once we vacuumed it up - it was an easy clean up but it did look like quite the disaster!) And not pictured but I cut out parts for snowmen - white circles, smaller black dots for eyes, mouth and buttons, and carrots for noses to put together.
As I was crafting things for the decorations and buying paper goods for the party, Lexie would get so excited and exclaim 'my party!' It was so cute she was starting to get it and that it was her birthday. :) I love this age! 

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Patti said...

Omgosh! Love the little flags in he pancakes!

Ashley said...

What a cute party idea! This is definitely a fun age and it's adorable that she was so excited :)

Colleen Pence said...

What an adorable idea for a toddler party! Happy birthday, sweet girl.