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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines - at least I really love the cutesy red and pink outfits, the hearts, flowers, and fun Valentine cards for the kids to pass out (thank you Pinterest!)

Last year I took the kids on an adventure up to Austin to do a Valentine mini-session. (Shame on me I still have some of those Valentine wallets that I forgot to send to some family - I'll be putting those in the mail today!) This year I knew I wasn't going to do picture Valentines for the littles to pass out at school but that doesn't mean I didn't want updated pictures as I love looking at the ones from the past years I have hanging on the wall. Especially since Gigi had helped to create darling Valentines outfits for the girls this year! 

So we had a different kind of adventure in our own back yard. Beau helped and we loaded up the stroller with the kids, I carried the camera, the stool and the balloons and we walked through our neighborhood to the little green space that divides our neighborhood from the next. 

Oh the joy that balloons bring! Lexie was especially happy and excited about the 'bloons!' (Also she was thrilled with her new Sofia shoes - aka flip-flops that she had to wear - it totally captures her at this age with her sometimes demanding little personality) 

 And don't let this oh so grown up sweetheart fool you - she was thrilled with the balloons as well!

 I can't believe how grown up she looks here! (Side note - not my favorite hair style on her but it's what she asked for - even before I put pigtails in Lexie's hair)
Last but not least - it's impossible to forget this little ham! You'd think the littlest would be my hardest to photograph but he keeps me on my toes! But in the photos I can totally see his sweet, silly, active, crazy, all boy personality!

And all three of my silly littles together!

Do ya'll have any good Valentine plans tonight? Around here Fridays are pizza and movie nights and Beau isn't crazy enough to want to attempt to go out on a Friday night let alone a Valentines Friday. So it will still be pizza and movie night. Maybe we'll have a little chocolate and wine after the littles go to bed to celebrate? I saw the best Valentines card that said since we've been married so long it doesn't mean we can't still celebrate…. then the inside showed the parents in bed with a kid on either side saying oh wait yes it does. While I don't think that's always true - I still found it hilarious. Valentines doesn't have to be only on February 14th and it doesn't have to mean going out to eat, flowers and chocolates (I mean if I'd take photography equipment instead hint hint) It can be just the simple things, like ironing instead of napping. That said every once in a while it is fun to go out but we'll save that for the next date night at the Y instead of the super busy Valentines day one. 

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1 comment :

Colleen Pence said...

These photos are gorgeous, Katie! You're such a talented photographer. :)