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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm linking up with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha again today.

- One - 
The weather has been beyond beautiful this week but also a sudden reminder that summer will be here before we know it - especially when it's already reaching 82 degrees in the afternoons. It's been nice to be able to just shoo the bigger two into the backyard though. It's so nice that Abby has two good friends (+ their brothers) next door and across the street so in the afternoon there are lots of kids running around and having fun. It's so nice that buying swimsuits in Feb didn't seem so crazy, especially since for those that want to brave the chilly water Aquatica (Sea World's waterpark) will be open in three weeks for Spring Break.

Speaking of Sea World though if you haven't seen it yet - Sea World is offering all Texas preschoolers (3-5) a free pass! So go register by May 31, then you have until the end of June to activate the pass at the park. I've already registered Micah for his and planning on spending one of our Spring Break days at Sea World with my littles. You can add on Aquatica to the pass for the season for $35 as well.

- Two -  
I let Abby skip school on Monday (it was supposed to be a holiday then it had to be used for our ice day make up) so that we could head to the rodeo. They had a blast seeing all the animals and riding rides. This year (and last) I braved it myself with them but next year I foresee having to bring another adult/kid wrangler along - as Lexie wasn't tall enough this year for many rides and might not be again next year and next year Abby will be too tall for all the rides with Micah so we'll have to divide up to do rides next year.

- Three - 
With the rodeo in town this month, last week and this week have been western weeks at preschool. Last week Micah had a trick roper come to school, this week a petting zoo and today a chuck wagon lunch. Micah's class was the last to go out to the petting zoo which worked out perfectly so that Lexie and I could join them and see the animals as well. Lexie is always timid about touching animals so I was impressed she eventually warmed up and touched quite a few of them…. even if it was just with one finger.

Even though it's rodeo week, it's also almost Mardi Gras! So in honor of that since Micah had snack this week for preschool, we picked up a king cake for snack time. Micah was very excited to bring a cake for snack. (Along with some fruit too)

- Four - 
I've been debating updating Lightroom lately - I'm currently two versions behind (v. 3) and I see that I could update to 5 or they have the new creative cloud for a small monthly fee. Anyone have any thoughts on the cloud version?

- Five -
It's a weekend full of birthday fun - with my friends little girls 2nd birthday and my brothers birthday. So we'll have a birthday party tomorrow afternoon - she's having pony rides which I'm sure the kids will love and I'm also prepared for the whole 'can I have ponies at my birthday' questions that are sure to also come. Then Sunday is my brothers birthday so we are going out to eat in Austin and then to a baseball game. While it won't be an LSU game, it's still baseball and if the littles make it through the whole game they'll be able to run the bases apparently. Though this makes me exhausted thinking about our weekend!

Have a great weekend!

1 comment :

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Hello from the link up! Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful week! Have fun celebrating this weekend!! :)