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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm linking up with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha again today.

- One - 
The weather has been beyond beautiful this week but also a sudden reminder that summer will be here before we know it - especially when it's already reaching 82 degrees in the afternoons. It's been nice to be able to just shoo the bigger two into the backyard though. It's so nice that Abby has two good friends (+ their brothers) next door and across the street so in the afternoon there are lots of kids running around and having fun. It's so nice that buying swimsuits in Feb didn't seem so crazy, especially since for those that want to brave the chilly water Aquatica (Sea World's waterpark) will be open in three weeks for Spring Break.

Speaking of Sea World though if you haven't seen it yet - Sea World is offering all Texas preschoolers (3-5) a free pass! So go register by May 31, then you have until the end of June to activate the pass at the park. I've already registered Micah for his and planning on spending one of our Spring Break days at Sea World with my littles. You can add on Aquatica to the pass for the season for $35 as well.

- Two -  
I let Abby skip school on Monday (it was supposed to be a holiday then it had to be used for our ice day make up) so that we could head to the rodeo. They had a blast seeing all the animals and riding rides. This year (and last) I braved it myself with them but next year I foresee having to bring another adult/kid wrangler along - as Lexie wasn't tall enough this year for many rides and might not be again next year and next year Abby will be too tall for all the rides with Micah so we'll have to divide up to do rides next year.

- Three - 
With the rodeo in town this month, last week and this week have been western weeks at preschool. Last week Micah had a trick roper come to school, this week a petting zoo and today a chuck wagon lunch. Micah's class was the last to go out to the petting zoo which worked out perfectly so that Lexie and I could join them and see the animals as well. Lexie is always timid about touching animals so I was impressed she eventually warmed up and touched quite a few of them…. even if it was just with one finger.

Even though it's rodeo week, it's also almost Mardi Gras! So in honor of that since Micah had snack this week for preschool, we picked up a king cake for snack time. Micah was very excited to bring a cake for snack. (Along with some fruit too)

- Four - 
I've been debating updating Lightroom lately - I'm currently two versions behind (v. 3) and I see that I could update to 5 or they have the new creative cloud for a small monthly fee. Anyone have any thoughts on the cloud version?

- Five -
It's a weekend full of birthday fun - with my friends little girls 2nd birthday and my brothers birthday. So we'll have a birthday party tomorrow afternoon - she's having pony rides which I'm sure the kids will love and I'm also prepared for the whole 'can I have ponies at my birthday' questions that are sure to also come. Then Sunday is my brothers birthday so we are going out to eat in Austin and then to a baseball game. While it won't be an LSU game, it's still baseball and if the littles make it through the whole game they'll be able to run the bases apparently. Though this makes me exhausted thinking about our weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mustang Trot 2014

Every year Abby's school holds a fundraiser dance/silent auction/pony rides/bake sale/you name it type thing. As always the kids favorite is the petting zoo. Usually they love the face painting as well but either they didn't have it this year or we managed to avoid that area. It was freezing on this particular Friday night so we bundled up and braved the petting zoo first - after a spin through the silent auction baskets.

We managed to drag Daddy along with us this year so I had an extra set of hands to wrangle the littles through the crowded library filled with silent auction baskets. Of course this means this year we managed to bid on a basket…. well sort of. Abby found the one that was teacher for a day with her teacher. So we bid - first on the list…. and found out later we (or rather she) won. So one day in May, Abby will be teacher for a day.

Then we headed out for the petting zoo and pony rides. This year they brought goats, a sheep and a miniature cow. No bunnies, chickens and such this year… maybe it was too cold?
Daddy tried to convince Lexie to pet the sheep but she wasn't having it. While she had that one day bonding with our dog, she still isn't sure about Honey most days so other animals are usually out too!
Abby and Micah however are total opposites however running from animal to animal petting them all!

Then of course begging to ride the ponies which we of course do, it's a fundraiser after all right? (And still half the price of any pony ride at the rodeo/carnival!)

Then they played the little games in the cafeteria and won prizes (aka happy meal toys- that made the kids extremely happy and mommy cringe because I try to give/throw those out as soon as I can!) and finally headed to the gym for the 2nd grade dance time for Abby. They had learned a dance in music class and they performed it, then taught the families to join in. 

And home…. with exhausted parents and happy kiddos. We never stay that long but man it's exhausting trying to corral three littles in a crowded school and not lose anyone! 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines - at least I really love the cutesy red and pink outfits, the hearts, flowers, and fun Valentine cards for the kids to pass out (thank you Pinterest!)

Last year I took the kids on an adventure up to Austin to do a Valentine mini-session. (Shame on me I still have some of those Valentine wallets that I forgot to send to some family - I'll be putting those in the mail today!) This year I knew I wasn't going to do picture Valentines for the littles to pass out at school but that doesn't mean I didn't want updated pictures as I love looking at the ones from the past years I have hanging on the wall. Especially since Gigi had helped to create darling Valentines outfits for the girls this year! 

So we had a different kind of adventure in our own back yard. Beau helped and we loaded up the stroller with the kids, I carried the camera, the stool and the balloons and we walked through our neighborhood to the little green space that divides our neighborhood from the next. 

Oh the joy that balloons bring! Lexie was especially happy and excited about the 'bloons!' (Also she was thrilled with her new Sofia shoes - aka flip-flops that she had to wear - it totally captures her at this age with her sometimes demanding little personality) 

 And don't let this oh so grown up sweetheart fool you - she was thrilled with the balloons as well!

 I can't believe how grown up she looks here! (Side note - not my favorite hair style on her but it's what she asked for - even before I put pigtails in Lexie's hair)
Last but not least - it's impossible to forget this little ham! You'd think the littlest would be my hardest to photograph but he keeps me on my toes! But in the photos I can totally see his sweet, silly, active, crazy, all boy personality!

And all three of my silly littles together!

Do ya'll have any good Valentine plans tonight? Around here Fridays are pizza and movie nights and Beau isn't crazy enough to want to attempt to go out on a Friday night let alone a Valentines Friday. So it will still be pizza and movie night. Maybe we'll have a little chocolate and wine after the littles go to bed to celebrate? I saw the best Valentines card that said since we've been married so long it doesn't mean we can't still celebrate…. then the inside showed the parents in bed with a kid on either side saying oh wait yes it does. While I don't think that's always true - I still found it hilarious. Valentines doesn't have to be only on February 14th and it doesn't have to mean going out to eat, flowers and chocolates (I mean if I'd take photography equipment instead hint hint) It can be just the simple things, like ironing instead of napping. That said every once in a while it is fun to go out but we'll save that for the next date night at the Y instead of the super busy Valentines day one. 

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two year check up and teddy pictures

Last week was Lexie's (late) two year well check. Her pedi also was her Sunday School teacher the past 6 months until she moved to a 2 year old room so I didn't think she would be afraid or hesitant about the appointment. However the minute we started walking back and the nurse wanted her to stand on the scale, she didn't want to be there anymore. We had to go to the baby scale and even then she didn't want to stay sitting. It even took her several minutes to warm up to the doctor - the white coat makes her scary instead of the friendly Sunday School teacher I assume… or maybe she thought she was going to be left there since I drop her off with her at Church? 
 Our doctor is of course great with her and since Lexie had insisted on bring baby in with us, she checked over baby before it was Lexie's turn. She's healthy and perfect, meeting all her milestones but still on the petite side - though not as tiny as brother was. She weighed in at 24lbs and was 34.5 inches tall.
At two she is talking, sometimes in 3 word sentences - but doesn't talk as much to people she doesn't know. Her pedi didn't realized she talks as much as she does since she didn't talk in class! She can recognize some colors, 'sings' the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle (especially when she doesn't want to sleep!) She is 90% potty trained with just an occasional accident - mostly when she is being a two year old and insisting she doesn't 'have' to go or doesn't want to stop playing. She is a joy and there are days I want to just bottle her up and not let her get any older. (Then there are others where I realize where the saying terrible twos came from since Abby and Micah weren't near as opinionated as she is!) 

Her favorite foods include all things berries, grapes, clementines, mashed potatoes, ribs, steak, peanut butter and cookie butter (on spoons not a sandwich!) 

She loves to play outside but also is currently really into Sofia. She has worn her Sofia dress up costume out several places and also tries to wear big sisters dress up shoes with it. She's very busy playing most of the time. I was in shocked when she barely moved during the whole Frozen movie - that might be the longest she was ever that still while awake.  

A month late but I finally remembered to take her 2 year growth shots with her teddy bear! She is such a ham when she wants to be and will tell me to take more even after I'm done and continue posing… 

Then there are other times I luck out and snap at the right moment. During Lexie's turn for pictures for our Bibleland Tuesday morning crafts, Lexie ran out willing for the picture, twirled, stood for a second then said she was done and ran back to the door. 

Alexis Hadley - we love you and your sweet two year old self! 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

the day it snowed dipping dots

So last week we unexpectedly woke up to snow on the ground. In the previous weeks the news had made a big deal of the freezing weather and possible chances of snow and ice on the ground however not this time so I was surprised when I started seeing pictures of people around town playing in snow sine I hadn't looked out the windows yet. 

I quickly woke up Abby and Micah, grabbed them a super fast breakfast (because Micah is ALWAYS hungry first thing) then we bundled up and headed outside. School could wait for a few minutes while we played in the snow. Since it was supposed to warm up and it wasn't snowing or raining anymore school wasn't canceled for the day.
 Abby had fun scooping some up and making it fall from the sky as if it was still snowing.

When Lexie woke up we bundled her up as well and she joined us. She didn't know what to think of the cold and the frozen snow. It looked almost like it had snowed dippin' dots. It wasn't hail but it wasn't snow flakes either. The weather man taught us it's actually called graupel. 

 We built a tee tiny snow man but the kids quickly used it as snow balls before I could get a chance to take a picture of him. He was so small and the snow was so icy I couldn't get a carrot to stick in his face so he was a faceless snowman.
 Lexie warmed up to the idea of snow while we were in the backyard, or at least she wanted to play on the swing set - swinging and sliding into the snow pile at the bottom while watching the bigger two play in the snow.
This playtime was of course followed by hot chocolate to warm up some very cold hands before taking Abby to school and the gym for the rest of us. 

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


It's been a wacky weather couple weeks. Ice days and 80 degree afternoons in the same week. We've been enjoying it all. It's nice to get out and play and enjoy the beautiful afternoons but at the same time I'm not all that ready to jump into summer. I know the 50 + days of 100 degree heat are going to be on us before long and I'm content to be bundle up wearing a cute sweater and boots a little while longer. It's so rare down here that we get an ice or snow day (the last one was 3 years ago - and we got a whole   inch and 1/2ish of snow) that I'd love to see another day of snow and build a tiny Texas snowman. I will admit I'm not thrilled about the make up day being the day I was planning on  going to the Livestock show and rodeo with the kids for the dollar day and playing on the rides all day and enjoy some greasy fair food! (Would it make me a bad mom for the kids to skip?) 

It was so nice outside the other day that the littles thought it was appropriate to break out the tank tops and there was no talking them out of it! Lexie took a spill on her trike and busted her lip - poor baby :( However a popsicle always makes it better - especially when they are too busy to sit or wanting to keep ice on their lips. 
For her birthday she got her own scooter since she loved to try and ride the big kids scooters. Hers is nice and low to the ground and the handle bar doesn't twist you just lean to turn so it's much easier for Lexie to ride and she is really getting the hang of it.
We also pulled out the bubbles and this little girl loved to practice blowing bubbles! (I was distracting her because the other two wanted to play in their 'hideout' in the bushes without baby sister) We should have practiced this more before her birthday and she would have been totally ready to blow out her candles!

This week will continue more of the same, today it's nice and warm but tomorrow will be back to chilly. I do wish it would pick one or a happy medium but as I said I'll take it because on the warm days it's beautiful to play outside and on the cold days we bundle up, enjoy the cold while we have it and have a warm cup of hot chocolate! I'm not in a huge rush for the 100 degree heat of summer either. 

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