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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Micah's Preschool Christmas Party

Micah's class Christmas party was the same day as Abby's just a little later. So Lexie and I took a 45 minute break between parties then headed to Micah's party. Lucky girl was able to go to two Christmas parties!

Micah's was at lunch time and this time there was pizza. After the fruit and donuts at Abby's party, Lexie was hungry. So while Micah was too excited to eat much besides his fruit and a few bites of pizza, Lexie ate three slices. Oh my!
 After pizza was salt dough ornament painting. In Micah's class we take turns with the parties and these ladies had Mrs. Ham poll the students which shape they'd want and then had it ready for them to paint. After it was painted they took it to the kitchen and used a hair dryer to dry them so they'd be ready to go home.
 Micah was very serious concentrating on his painting!
 Then they played Christmas bingo and sang jingle bells!
 Micah was on a sugar high and ready to run out of there to the slide so I barely got a picture of him telling Mrs. Ham "Merry Christmas."

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