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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lexie turns Two

Our busy season didn't stop after Christmas and New Years, right after all the holidays were over it was time to pack it away and then dive straight into party planning for a certain little girls second birthday. Say it isn't so…. my baby can't be TWO! 

The big realization of that always comes the first time we head to Church after her birthday and her tag puts her in a two year old class room. Such a sad and happy day all at once. 

How did she get so big? My baby isn't such a baby anymore…. 
"Lexie is two" she says!

The day of her birthday we celebrated with a yummy pizza dinner at Fralos - our favorite pizza place. Then back home to celebrate with cake. She actually wasn't a big fan of the cake, and just took a lick of frosting before she was done. 

She did try to eat the candle though - apparently it looked tastier! Ha!
(Ugh…. late evening photos with awful light)

As unimpressed as Lexie was with cake, she was that excited about presents. She loves her bitty baby and clearly recognizes the boxes it comes in. She was excited about it right when she saw the box before she even opened it and dropped it to go run and get her baby!
Then came Lamby.
And more bitty baby accessories. 

And her favorite present - a Princess Sofia dress up costume which she had to put on immediately. She's already worn this to the gym, pre-school drop off and any where I'll let her. If she sees it, she must wear it. Such a sweet girly girl!
I think she enjoyed her birthday and I still can't believe she is TWO! 

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SensiblySara said...

Happy belated birthday to Lexie!

She is so precious!

Unknown said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday Lexie!!!

I like the crappy late night photos. Don't know if you did this intentionally, but they look like photos from the 50s/60s with the color tone.