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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Houston Zoo Lights

One of the night while we were in Houston with all the cousins, we headed down to the zoo to see the zoo lights. While waiting for it to open the littles were fascinated with the ducks in the water, even more so impressed with the nutria! Ha! 

 The lights in the zoo were very pretty!
Abby and maybe Micah's favorite was the reptile house - they will love alligators and in here they have an white gator (not albino because he has blue not red eyes) 

 My favorite was seeing the elephant mama and baby. I think it was Lexie's too as she didn't want to leave to see anything else.
 Micah sat on Daddy's shoulder's to get a better view of the elephants.

Sadly for my kids not too many more of the animals were out and able to be seen so they weren't super impressed with the zoo lights. They'd prefer to go during the day and see the animals. Lexie especially had a hard time understanding that the animals weren't out and would get very excited whenever we could see any animals - even if it was just more ducks.

At the end my cousin Tara spoiled (in the best way possible) all the kids with light up swords and necklaces. They are still big hits around here!
 Since the line at the potty was really long at the exit and the other potty by the train station was closed we stopped by Starbucks for hot chocolate and a potty break before heading back to Gigi and Pop's house. A very yummy treat.

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