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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Houston Christmas

 The day after Christmas we celebrated with Pop's side of the family - one of this brothers lives 2 miles away from Gigi and Pops and had his kids and grandkids in town and his two sisters, one of my cousins and her kids came over to Houston - only missing one of his brothers, his kids and grandkids. 23 of us in all. :) We had yummy food and another round of Christmas present opening.

Lexie received a baby food blender and baby food for her bitty baby and she was a very happy girl to put baby in her new high chair and feed her!

We had a cousin sleepover and the girls (older than preschool) slept over at Gigi and Pops and the boys at my uncle's house. I'd think we had the less rowdy group but they weren't as inclined to sleep as the boys were (as Abby told me sleepovers aren't for sleeping Mommy!) and they were up until almost 1 am only pretending to sleep when someone peeked in  at them.

They all sat around and played with Abby and Micah's zoo set the next morning.
 The girls hanging out while we were trying to coordinate plans between all 23 people!
 Micah loves his zoo set (Though mommy at times questions it because of how many tiny pieces it has but it's so cute and awesome!)
 We finally were able to coordinate a lunch at Lupes (my favorite!) and ate a very yummy lunch.

One benefit of a Houston Christmas - an uncle with a pool that he heated up for the grandkids. The kids loved being able to swim. Come spring break we'll hopefully be swimming in Pop's pool (swimsuit season workouts here I come!) 
 Micah and Abby both love jumping over the waterfall ledge into the pool.
 Lexie had both Pops and Daddy wrapped with her cute little smile to take her in the pool and constantly switch between pool and hot tub at her whim.
 After nap one day (one of the only days she took a good nap while there because she was too excited to settle down and take a good nap other days) She woke up with some impressive bedhead! She also woke up hungry and gobbled up some yogurt.
We kept busy and had lots of fun playing with Gigi and Pops and our cousins while in Houston! 

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