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Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! We made it to the weekend - and even better it's a 3 day weekend! 
I'm linking up with a few of my favorites for Five on Friday again: 

- ONE - 
Lexie has reverted back to climbing out of the bed many, many, many, many……. times every night. We had finally gotten into a good routine where she would lay down and go to sleep but the holidays and everything got her out of that routine. (And the crib isn't an option anymore because she can climb out of that no problem!) So earlier this week she had finally gotten quiet and I hadn't heard her get out of her bed so I went in to check on her and didn't see her in her bed, so I went to see if she climbed in with Abby and found her like this.  
(Oh and it's not worth trying to talk 2 year old out of sleeping in her brand new birthday present Sophia  princess dress) 

- TWO - 
After Lexie's birthday party last weekend, Uncle Jeremy set up his slack line and Abby loved it! Like a slightly less sturdy balance beam. I wish we had some trees in our yard vs the park then I'd do get this for them to play on they loved it so much. I'm not sure our fence would be a good anchor point for this.  What I really want is a trampoline but Daddy says no. Boo. 

- THREE - 
I'm really tempted to make finishing the re-do of the kids bathroom my weekend project. I got a new shower curtain for in there and that's where it stopped. I really want to do some canvas art and frame either printable and/or bath pictures of the kids. I had some cute printables pinned but now I can't find
where I pinned them.  #pinterestproblems So now back to searching for the perfect - brush your teeth, wash your hands, ect. printable for the bathroom. Have you seen any cute ones? 

- FOUR - 
The weather has been lovely this week. (Sorry for those of you still dealing with snow and cold!) A little chilly in the morning but warming up between 60 and 70 in the afternoon. It's been perfect for playing outside after school. Well as long as you aren't affected by mountain cedar - which thankfully the kids and I aren't. Playing outside is great motivation to get them to pick up their rooms after quiet time as well :) So clean rooms plus running off the extra energy before dinner is a win-win in my book! 
- FIVE - 
Lexie hasn't liked Honey (or any dog for that matter) ever. She's always thought Honey was scary and even the neighbors puppy and the other neighbors tiny chihuahua scare her so it wasn't totally about size but Honey is pretty huge compared to Lexie. She would always give a little scream or shriek whenever Honey came near her and would even point to the door to the backyard telling me to put Honey out when we came downstairs in the morning. However today when Abby brought Honey out on the leash wanting to go for a walk, Lexie was insistent that she wanted to walk Honey. I'm not sure who was walking who but Honey was patient and walked slowly making laps around the yard with Lexie for a good 10 minutes. She even at the end when the neighbor came out and wanted to see Honey, went up and petted her which is pretty dang impressive for a girl who used to want nothing to do with Honey at all. 
Have a great weekend ya'll! 

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