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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

After  giving everyone some time to play with their new toys, we loaded up and drove to Houston to see Gigi and Pops, Uncle Jeremy and also Mimi and Pappy (Gigi's parent, my grandparents, the littles great-grandparents) for Christmas dinner and Christmas round two. 

Everyone was so excited to see Gigi and Pops and run around their new house, especially looking at their (empty - under construction) pool.  

 Lexie as quite taken by Gigi's dancing, singing and jumping Santa!
 Lexie's favorite spot in the house was the balcony upstairs over looking the living room. She would run upstairs look downstairs and giggle.
 Abby sat down and made bracelets for most everyone with her new rainbow loom.
 Lexie was happy to show Pappy all of Micah's new Jake and the Neverland Pirate toys.
 Then after Christmas dinner it was time to open more presents. Micah was very excited about the new zoo set that he and Abby received.
 Abby (and Lexie) received light up slippers like Micah already had and they love them!  

It was a great family filled day with more family coming in the next day! 

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