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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bass Pro Santa

The week before Christmas we finally made it out to Bass Pro (yup we're in the South ya'll!) to see Santa. 

Bass Pro is our usual Santa visit of choice because of the bass pass so the line usually (except this year apparently) isn't long at all, plus there are games, a carousel and crafts and it's all free. 

The big two started off with a carousel ride while Lexie went potty (or rather her first of many visits through out our time there without any success) 

 Then of course Lexie needed a turn once she saw the other two on the carousel!

 The train that you can control, start, stop and speed on was a big hit - especially for Micah.
 We did some crafts while Daddy kept our place in line since it was way more crowded than it has been in previous years! Then it was our turn… Shh - I totally disobeyed all the 5 signs that said no photos with your own camera - even though the photo they take is free. I'm thankful I did though because Daddy recused the baby girl before the official photo was taken and she isn't in that one! Even if this one didn't come out very clear because I was trying to do it quickly since I was disobeying their signs.

So we could check seeing Santa off our Christmas to-do list and the kids had a lot of fun playing at Bass Pro. I'm not sure Daddy enjoyed the crowds and he doesn't believe me that it's NEVER been that crowded for me before. Lexie and I also got really familiar with the Bass Pro restrooms because she choose not to potty 4 different times. I had even once joked to Beau that no matter how she reacts to Santa as long as she doesn't have a potty accident on him it's all good. Ha! The joys of potty training! 

Then Beau being ever so kind dropped me off at BJs for girls night out and took the kids home for diner and bed even after spending all afternoon at Bass Pro! 

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