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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Abby's 2nd grade Christmas Party

{Gasp, cough, cough, whoops sorry about all that dust that just got blown off the blog! Well I didn't mean to take that big a break but Christmas, traveling out of town, launching right back into school, birthday party planning and crafting meant the little blog got neglected. Now I'm recapping our Christmas so look forward to several Christmas posts back to back then hopefully back to regular scheduled blogging}

Abby's class Christmas party was the morning of the last day before winter break. At her school Christmas party day is also pajamas, hot chocolate and watching the Polar Express day. Her party was also really early in the day - at 9:30 so Lexie and I headed over to the party after dropping Micah off. Since it was pajama day, I figured why not Lexie go in her pjs as well. Lexie was very excited to see big sister at school and Abby was ever so sweet to give up her chair and let Lexie sit in it. 
First up was cookie decorating (and decoration eating by Lexie - but it's okay because Abby says she doesn't like chocolate and let Lexie have all the chocolate chips and extra decorations) 
 Sweet sisters!
After lots of donut, fruit, cheese, and cupcakes, everyone passed out stocking stuffers to each other in their stockings that they made.

Then it was time to decorate gingerbread men and women. All the kids seemed to love this craft and Lexie was able to join in and decorate one as well.

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Everyone seemed to really enjoy the party and I love seeing Abby interact with her friends. (And it's also darling how they all tell Abby how cute Lexie is!)

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