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Sunday, December 01, 2013

the beginnings of pecan pie

Over our weekend visit to North Louisiana, we were hanging out at SIL's house and she happened to have a pecan tree. Perfect for this time of year. The kids were playing outside and discovered the pecans all on the ground - thinking they looked like bigger acorns like they collect around our Church. They went to town collecting them. Once someone mentioned they could make a pecan pie with them they were hooked on the idea and couldn't wait to make a pie with all the pecans they collected. 

Collecting pecans started out with just Abby and Micah and turned into a big family activity. They started with just a few they could fit in the water bottles and quickly ran out of room. Then they starting holding them in their shirts (Micah's favorite method of sneaking snacks into his room during quiet time.)
Soon we were headed inside to get several bags because they were quickly running out of shirt space! Especially once everyone joined in on the pecan picking up.

Two bags of full of pecans plus a third small bag of the ones Daddy had started shelling.

Until the bags were sufficiently full, Abby and Micah were policing anyone would would try to eat a pecan or two that they had collected. They wanted to be totally sure they had enough to make a pie. (Oh and by the way there was no need to worry - we had plenty!)
 Once the ground was mostly picked up of pecans - they tried to move onto the tree.

 Then it was tree climbing time - because they were just too inviting not to climb into.

Three little monkeys climbing in a tree..... one fell out and bumped his head. Oh wait - that didn't happen this time but I'm fearful this will be in my future. 
 Once we returned home it wasn't long before I was getting multiple daily questions about when we were going to make our pecan pie. So later that week after I had rounded up the missing ingredient, it was onto chopping up some pecans and making a pie. (I took the easy way out with a pre-made pie crust)
 Using The Pioneer Woman's Pie That Will Make You Cry recipe we made our first pecan pie that the littles and I have ever made. I'll have to say it turned out pretty tasty too. Even for someone like me who isn't a big fan of nuts.
Anyone have any other favorite pecan recipes? So far I'll make salads (for Beau) with some pecans in it, along with sugared pecans for all the teacher gifts this year. That might take care of all the pecans once I finish with teacher gifts but I'm not sure. After seeing the price they wanted for pecans at the Farmer's Market today I wished I had a pecan tree in my yard! Ha! 

Have you ever collected pecans? What's your favorite of the 'classic' Thanksgiving desserts - pecan or pumpkin pie? 

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stacy said...

Oh yum!! I bet that was delicious .. and FUN!

a said...

What a fun memory for your family!

My husband makes a French Silk Pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My 6 year old nephew called it "Uncle Adam's FAMOUS Chocolate Pie" on Thursday. ;)