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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas at Sea World

Over the chilly chilly Thanksgiving break, as soon as it started warming up enough to not freeze outside, we headed to Sea World. We traded our swimsuits and towels for hats and blankets but kept our trusty popcorn bucket to tag along with us.

Christmas at Sea World is almost as good as summer. While Abby was sad we weren't swimming (she wanted to test out her new camera underwater!) She was excited to be out at Sea World.

Summer or winter - the Clyde and Seamore show is always a favorite. It's hilarious!
I love that they keep the reason for the season present! This year they even added a giant nativity! In the Shamu show they also mention the wise men. It's not often you see places like this taking a stand for what they believe in - especially at the holidays (I mean Sofia has Wassailia instead of Christmas, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates has Winter Treasure Day) 
New this year is Snow World - complete with 'real' snow and a couple giant coca-cola polar bears. 
Abby and especially Micah, loved snow world. I was worried about Micah getting the tube up the hill to slide but the nice ladies at the top helped him. He went at least twice as many times as Abby, he loved it so much. Lexie didn't know what to think. 
Of course after leaving they told me they didn't want to do it again because it was too cold. Abby got snow in her boots and the bottom of Micah's pants were wet. 

So we headed to the reptile house/animal education center to warm up after having a snack of hot chocolate and sopapillas. 
We finished off our afternoon with a ride on the Sea World train looking at the Texas Themed snowmen and then the Christmas Shamu show. 
We sat in a splash zone that doesn't get too wet... the littles loved having a great view! (Well except for the sun that ended up in our eyes as it set .... next time we'll try the other side) 

So if you've finished your Christmas shopping or need a place to run off some steam over Christmas break - you don't want to miss the Sea World Christmas celebration. 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

Looks like a great day! Love the Nativity Scene.