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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Annual Y Breakfast with Santa

This past Saturday was our annual breakfast with Santa at the gym. We always look forward to this because we love our gym (we've been there over 4 years now!) and it's fun seeing our friends out of our normal gym clothes. 

The littles were antsy because the breakfast wasn't until 9 am and they had been up since 7:30 and I hadn't feed them 2nd breakfast yet (you'd never believe how often Micah wants to eat based off his size!) We got there and saw Santa but no photo because apparently the caffeine hadn't hit my brain yet and I left my wallet at home after online shopping. Seriously Christmas is making me lose my brain! At least I didn't forget any of the littles at home right? 

Then we got some breakfast and sat down to eat. 
 Beau and I always joke that the breakfast with Santa always has the sugariest breakfast - powdered sugar donuts, cinnamon rolls and cookies this year. Along with breakfast tacos and bananas.

Lexie refused to stay still so I nibbled while trying to convince her to sit in the chair so she wouldn't fall out and to not run around on the stage where I was afraid of her falling off the edge.
 Hmm... bite sized cinnamon roll anyone?
 After the sugar-high breakfast, we decorated cookies. (As if we needed more sugar!) The littles loved this activity and I can't wait to decorate cookies with them at home later this week/next for Santa.
 Lexie wanted to eat all the sprinkles off her gingerbread man and all the extras as well.
 Micah did a great job decorating his gingerbread man all by himself!
 As did Abby.
 Then I lost my fight to keep them off the group ex stage and that's where Lexie was determined to eat her cookie.
All in all they had a great time... and mommy made it out with her sanity mostly in tact. Usually Beau is with me for this but he was at home with strep throat. Yuck. 

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Ashley said...

How much fun!! I love the matching dresses--so festive :) And I feel like this time of the year my child consumes more sugar than any other time. Can't wait to get back to our normal eating routine.

These are some great pictures and memories.

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Lisa said...

Hope Beau is feeling better!

Traci said...

Love the girls dresses! Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!