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Friday, December 06, 2013

5 on Friday

Is it just me or does it feel like the end of this year is flying? How is it already almost a full week into December? I'm failed at blogging this week - eek. So I'm linking up with Darci and her friends to re-cap what we've been up to. 

- ONE - 
Elfie arrived on Sunday afternoon. He would have arrived Sunday morning but he might have stayed up too late the night before making sure all the Christmas countdown books were wrapped up. Whoops. He made up for it by bringing a yummy afternoon snack as well. Elfie so far hasn't been quite as creative this year - a few days the littles were lucky I remembered to move him at all. Luckily they love it as long as he moves :) Do ya'll do the Elf on the Shelf? Does he just move or do you go all out and have him do creative things around the house? 
 - TWO - 
I think unfortunately Elfie + an early Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa over Thanksgiving break has lead a certain *almost* two year old to think she can unwrap any present whenever she wants. Micah was downstairs with me getting a snack when I heard paper ripping from under the tree in the playroom. Yikes! Thankfully at least it was for Micah and he wasn't around to see it so I could quickly hid it until it was re-wrapped. Now to keep her from unwrapping anymore between now and Christmas. 

- THREE - 
I have an awesome brother. He's in school about an hour away but he brought back oranges from my grandpa's tree and a bike trailer my parents had bought for the littles from Thanksgiving with them all and brought it over to us. The littles - Abby and Micah especially were thrilled to see him. Lexie is even  quickly warming up to him and added "Jeremy" to her vocabulary by the end of the visit. 

Not only did he bring it over to us though but he put new tire tubes in my tires for me to they would hold air again, hooked up the bike trailer and then took all the littles and Abby's friends from across the street on rides up and down the street. Once they had all had rides, he ran up and down the street alongside Micah while Micah rode his bike. He definitely wins Uncle of the Year.
Lexie is a fan of the new bike trailer! (See also it was 82 degrees on Tuesday afternoon.... two days it's 31 degrees - talk about a big difference! As they say in Texas we have two seasons summer and winter and sometimes you get both in the same week.) 
- FOUR - 
It was Micah's week for snack at preschool. Monday and Wednesday I wasn't too creative and they got a basic snack. Friday I got inspired by pinterest and since the letter of the week was R we made reindeers. Bread cut into triangles, cookie butter, m&ms for the eyes and nose and pretzel ears. Then raspberries to go along with. I also made Micah's sandwich in his lunch into a reindeer as well while I was at it. I'm kinda in love with how cute these turned out! 

- FIVE - 
'Tis the weekend of parties. Oh my goodness our weekend is fully booked! It was our Bible class Christmas party tonight. If you are local to me and want to brave the freezing weather the Helotes Winterfest is tomorrow. Before the cold snap I had been thinking we'd go but now it will be 29 degrees out in the morning so I'm not so sure about it. 

If you are looking for something warmer Inflatable Wonderland is having their grand opening of the new location at The Wonderlands of Americas Mall. 

Then I have a friend having a Sole Hope party and our normal working of the Church nursery. Then as if we haven't had a busy day already I really want to take the littles through the drive-thru Nativity at Concordia Lutheran Church. (That is if the weather is holding out and hasn't caused them to cancel!) 

Sunday we have a birthday party (which of course reminds me that my little baby's second birthday is all too close and I should probably start planning it!) and a team leader party for our Bibleland group. 

Gosh I'm exhausted thinking about it all but I'm looking forward to each event. This means that after this the only other event we have between now and Christmas is Breakfast with Santa. Everything just happened to fall on this one weekend! If my littles fall asleep in school/after-school at naptime on Monday I wouldn't be surprised! 

Is your December as jam-packed as ours? Have a great weekend ya'll! 

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Unknown said...

Yes, lots of things going on this weekend!

Inflatable Wonderland is indoors, nice and warm. We went to the ribbon cutting on Wednesday and had a great time.

Traci said...

The reindeer are so cute!!! Our weather is just ridiculous!