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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ripe Farmers Market

Sundays are a busy day for us. It's a good busy but busy is still busy. We attend Church in the morning, home for naptime, then return in the afternoon to work in the nursery during the Empowered to Connect class. For the past few months as we've left Church, I've noticed a sign for a new farmers market but never stopped because I get caught up in the routine of getting home, lunch and getting everyone situated for nap/quiet time.  Between getting everyone checked into their classes, up to service, back down picking up all three and getting out to the car I'll be honest sometimes attending service feels a lot like work - worth the effort but still work. So while I wanted to stop, it just felt like more work to unload everyone and keep everyone together at the farmers market. Finally I decided we would check it out (plus we needed some produce anyway!)
Parking was easy and plentiful and near the farmers market. It is located at the impressive and beautiful Elian.   There are three levels to explore (but don't worry there is an elevator if you need it!) 

We stared at the top and worked our way down on our first trip. This was where my littles found their favorite booths! They love the lady selling macarons (well who wouldn't?) and we bought some Lemonade from the Lemonade Co
Yum! Happy littles enjoying a macaron and some lemonade while listening to some live music. 
On the middle level were hand made goodies and some kids activities. This was before Halloween so there were Dia de los Muertos so there were Halloween masks to color and then you could put it on a craft stick or with elastics to wear. All three enjoyed coloring their crafts. The second week we were there I saw the sign but did not see any actual kids activities where it was pointing (though I very well could have miss them while wrangling the littles.)

Down on the lowest level there were more handmade crafts, granola, and lots of produce. I should have bought more than I did the second week we ventured out to the market because the littles ate over half of what I bought that day for lunch - mini-cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes. We also bought broccoli and I roasted that in the oven the next day - which they also gobbled up. I love that all the produce stands were local and some including Johnson's Backyard Garden - organic produce from Austin.
The littles loved watching the fountain - especially since it wasn't on the first time.
Finally don't miss the food trucks - it helps those hungry tummies not get too grumpy!
We tried out some pbj sliders and some truffle fries. It was tricky though finding things the littles would enjoy and could eat. There aren't many tables or places to sit nor are lots of food truck foods kid friendly (especially for my littles that aren't big on burgers, or sushi.)  The truffle fries though - delish!

I'm new to the farmer's market world so I don't know how it compares to others We haven't been to many because they weren't convenient and while I'd love to buy local and organic with three littles it's so much easier to just shop at HEB (which does offer some local - Texas items) with the littles in tow than to search out a farmers market and hope for some good produce. I was very satisfied with the produce selection and I was excited that the littles were excited to pick it out and happily ate it when we got home!

Do you frequent the farmers market? Any good tips?

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a said...

Thank you for sharing this! We drive by the same market on Sunday afternoons, but have never pushed my husband to stop. Your pictures helped; he may stop if he knows there are burgers. :)

Colleen Pence said...

I've been meaning to try this market but haven't yet. Thanks for the post. It looks great! I love Eilan. It's so pretty.

The Mommy-Files said...

I love Farmer's Markets! I've never seen one with activities for kids though. That's pretty cool!