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Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm joining in with Darci and her friends for Five on Friday today.

- ONE -
It's beginning to look a little like Christmas. Normally I'd wait until after Thanksgiving to pull out the tree and start decorating but my in-laws are in town through this weekend and we are going to do a mini-Christmas before they move. MIL bought me a set of 12 of these beautiful ornaments from the Billy Graham library and they were a perfect fit for our skinny tree and some deco mesh. I've never done deco mesh down the tree before. I think I need to play with it a little more but it's a perfect simple decoration for this tree. It took me less than 30 minutes to pull the tree out, set it up and decorate it. The littles are so excited. Micah's been begging me to decorate the tree for weeks now so he was thrilled to pull it out today. In fact when I tucked him into bed he was so sweet. He told me "I'm so glad we put the Christmas tree up today."

- TWO - 
Micah has his last t-ball game of the season tomorrow. He's come a long way already this season and his batting is getting pretty impressive. Even better - the last game he didn't pout in the field nearly as much. I'm hoping we end the season on a high note. Now starts the debate of do we continue with the Y league or switch to the official little league. Though it will be a very chilly game as Texas has decided it's 'winter' this weekend - that is if it isn't rained out. T-ball is rained out this weekend. Rescheduled game information to come later. 

- THREE - 
Micah made the cutest little Indian at his preschool's Thanksgiving feast today. His Indian name was Jumping Deer which I couldn't have given him a better one to describe him if I had tried. The Thanksgiving feast might be just about the cutest thing the preschool does every year. They all looked  darling. 

- FOUR - 
What are your Thanksgiving plans? It's just the 5 of us at home this year. It's a debate between ordering a turkery or filling the smoker with a turkey breast and other meats to eat the next week. (Better decide soon!) We'll probably end up with at least two pies though - Micah wants pumpkin pie, Beau and Abby  voted for apple. Plus we've got tons of pecans - I've already made one pecan pie but there might be another in the future. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, Jenny a friend from back in college posted these adorable printables on Red Stick Moms Blog.  I think I'll print out the turkey coloring page for my littles to color. 

- FIVE - 
In Texas if you don't like the weather, just wait a day and it will chance. Ya'll I'm not kidding about that. Last Sunday it was 85 and I was sweating on the playground... today it's freezing out! I'm looking forward to hot chocolate and chai lattes by the Christmas tree tonight. 

Psst... if you missed it I have a giveaway for The Children's Place up right now - so go enter! 

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Patti said...

There's nothing like a small child praying. Be still my heart.

a said...

I love looking for sweet little faces I know in your posts. I just realized that one of my friend's little girls is in your son's class (Ashland). :)

Will y'all be at the farmer's market on Sunday?

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

okay i think the next ornament i buy will be a disappointment if it's not that happy birthday Jesus ornament!!! so perfect!!! absolutely adoring that.

hope your weekend is off to a lovely start!!! xx