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Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm joining up with Darci and her friends again for Five on Friday.

- ONE -
This past Monday I was invited to come preview all the holiday goodness at the Children's Place with some other local bloggers. Lexie came with me for a girls shopping trip. There were lots of cute things and tons of great deals to be had! I'll have a review up next week on our fun finds!

- TWO -
Alexis had been showing signs she was ready to give up the diapers and so we went with it. Two weeks later she's doing great. It meant however we ended up being totally classy at the park the other evening. I had planned on just staying and playing on the driveway but Micah really wanted to go to the park and as soon as Lexie heard the word park she started trying to take off down the sidewalk towards the park. So they won and we ended up at the park in our panties and legwarmers. I've got mixed feelings about this since she's the last baby and she is so close to giving up all things baby-ish.

These macarons didn't last long... I'm wishing I had some more right now.  So so so tasty!

- FOUR -
Did you hear? It's Buy One Get One free holiday drinks at Starbucks this week. It was the perfect afternoon pick me up the other day. I had wished I had time to get indulge again yesterday after the fire alarm randomly went off for about 20 seconds at 4 in the morning then shut off and after a good search there wasn't anything burning but I couldn't go back to sleep. I did shut the heater off because it had that first time running since last winter smell.

- FIVE -
It's going to be an exciting weekend when our littles get to meet some cousins for the first/second time. As we were sitting in the parking lot of gymnastics since we arrived early and it was easier to contain them in the car than the waiting area for an extra 10 minutes - I looked back and saw all three buckled in the way back seat. Lexie sitting in Abby's seat, and Micah and Abby buckled in with seat belts. Oh I can't imagine the he's touching me, stole this toy from me, type fights they'd have on a daily basis if they all sat next to each other. I think it would have been fine when Lexie was a baby and could be in the middle of the bigger two but now that they all want toys... oh how thankful I am for my SUV with seats that are separate from one another.

Have a great weekend ya'll!
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1 comment :

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

yesss! pumped to hit up that sbux deal next week!!! xx