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Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Friday night was Trunk or Treat at our gym. The littles were so excited to be able to dress up in their costumes! Trunk or Treat is like trick or treating except people pass out candy from their cars with decorated trunks (and we also had some set up at tables.) 

We headed into the baseball/concession stand area with our black jaguar, dinosaur and peacock and Abby saw the big pumpkin and asked to have their picture taken in front of it. 
 Lexie was still a little confused as to what was going on at this point but somewhat cooperated for the picture.
 Once we got to the trunk or treat area the kids were ready to take off! Well the big two anyway who knew what to do.
 Lexie followed behind and figured out what to do. She's a little shy around anyone she doesn't know very well so this wasn't in her comfort zone but candy is a powerful incentive for her.
She also had to look in her bag and try to eat every candy she got for the first three table/trunks before she would just leave it in the bag and continue on. 
After a few tables she got the hang of holding out her bag for the candy to be dropped in and she was a very happy girl! By this point Abby and Micah were getting tired of waiting for Lexie after her stopping to check the bag at every table so they were continuing faster than she was.
We wrangled them back in though and finished up with a round of ring toss before 'losing' them to the playground for a few slides before heading home. Overall a hit with the littles and good practice for Lexie before the big trick or treating night on Halloween. I doubt she'll even hesitate on Thursday! (The girl loves her some candy that's for sure!) 

Are your littles ready for Halloween? Did you attend any events over the weekend or is it all just on Halloween night for ya'll? 

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Unknown said...

Fun! And your little ones are CUTE!

Lisa said...

Love the view of Micah's costume from the side so all those Dino spikes are visible.

Traci said...

They all look so cute!