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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Micah's pre-school Halloween Party

Micah had his first class party. The day started with a Halloween party to see all the cuties dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Everyone looked darling! 

Lunch and their normal circle time to end the day became the party time. Since it was the first class party for many of them, they were very concerned that they hadn't brought their lunch boxes but their teacher reassured them it was okay and they would have lunch at the party. Chick-fil-a nuggets, cheese cubes, and fruit for all.
After everyone had enough time to eat their lunch, they split into two groups. One to decorate cupcakes and one to play bean bag toss. Micah decorated his cupcake first.
 The cupcakes were darling! Cupcakes with green haired witches! Complete with a pointy with hat. (Which was Micah's favorite part - he barley ate any cupcake at the party but he did enjoy eating that candy/cookie hat!)
 Micah also enjoyed the bean bag toss game and was quite ambidextrous about it. He'd hold one bean bag in each hand and instead of switching and using the same hand to throw both one after the other he'd throw one from each hand. Probably result of being in a splint/cast for almost three weeks with his dislocated thumb. Now he uses both a lot more than he used to.
 We finished off with a round of Halloween Bingo using candy corn to cover the spots that were called. No pictures of that because that's what I was in charge of and Lexie was my little helper in my lap gobbling up candy corn! Ha!

All in all it was a very successful party and I think everyone went home with quite the sugar high!

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