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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fire fighter preschool field trip

Last week was Micah's first 'field' trip at preschool. At his preschool they do 'in-house' field trips where they bring in the field trip to the school instead of taking the kids somewhere else. 
I think it's a great idea! 

The fire fighters were the first to come visit and almost everyone was excited to see them. They all wanted to answer the questions and ask some of their own! 
The fire fighters talked about who to call in an emergency, what the fire alarm would sound like if you heard it going off, when to and when not to call 911/the fire department (which was my favorite because one of the kids said when their is an animal in a tree!) 

Then one of the fire fighters get all dressed out in his bunker gear, complete with hood, face mask, oxygen tank, helmet so they could see and hear what he would sound like if he was coming to rescue them in a fire. He could look a little scary to a little person and would also sound scary with the mask and oxygen on so I think this was such a great thing to show these kids that he wasn't someone to be afraid of. 

Then all the classes were able to have a tour of the truck and all the equipment, as well as a chance to get inside the truck. 
To finish off the field trip, the fire fighters turned on the small hose and sprayed some water to show them how they'd put out a fire.

If your littles have gone to preschool, do they have field trips? Have you ever visited a fire station for a tour? 

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Lisa Branam said...

Little Man's school does in house field trips too. They also had the firefighters come. He told me the inside of the fire truck wasn't very cool. Lol. We've been to the fire station before and he loved putting on all their gear.

Traci said...

The fire dept. did the same thing at my nephews school for his pre-K class. He LOVED it!