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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family bowling night

Over the summer I had great intentions of taking the kids bowling for the first time. We were so busy having fun elsewhere - usually in the pool that we never made it bowling. I had even signed up for the free summer bowling (2 games a week) for the kids but we never made it. So when Beau asked what we should do on a Friday afternoon and instead of our normal pizza picnic and family movie night, I suggested bowling.
We made it to the bowling alley around 4:30 and got our oh so attractive shoes for Beau, Abby and I (none small enough for Micah and Lexie) as well as the lightest kids bowling ball they had and headed to our lane. We of course had a lane with bumpers! 

While I set us up on the screen, Beau rounded up balls for him and I then we were set to start bowling. Abby and Micah vaguely knew what to do from the kids bowling sets we have as well as playing wii bowling so they were excited to try out the real deal. 

Lexie so far hadn't shown much interest in playing with the kids darling and fun milk carton and cow bowling ball set but she loved the real deal. She was so excited when it was her turn, insisted on carrying the 6 lb ball all by herself and would sit down and push it down the lane. Beau or I usually helped give it a little extra push because the time that we didn't I was very worried it wouldn't make it all the way down the lane! I wonder if she would have enjoy it more or less if they had had the ramps to roll the ball down?
Micah did pretty good bowling but he didn't quite have the finger strength to hold the ball so he started out bowling this way and then later switched to a two arm underhand between the legs method. 
The kids did fabulous the first round! Seriously - they beat me. All three of them. So that means that Lexie sitting down and one of us helping her push the ball down the lane was better than when I was bowling by myself. So yea I did not have a great first game!
Abby came in second both rounds with Daddy winning the first and I won the second. Beau would like a recount though because he thinks that we should count the strikes he got when he was bowling for Alexis or Micah when they took a popcorn break and didn't want to leave their snack.

Have you ever taken your littles bowling? I think we'll be going back! They all loved it so much. 

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1 comment :

Colleen Pence said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love your photos. What a lovely way to preserve this fun and precious memory for years to come!