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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Festival

Just bear with me this week as ya'll know Halloween is Thursday which means all activities this week include the optional costume so there will be loads of pictures of my kids in their costumes repeatedly all week I'm sure.

Tuesday is our ladies Bible study day and I work in the nursery taking care of the little ones in our care so the mamas can enjoy their studies. I've done this for 6 year now and every year the week of Halloween we have a fall festival for our kiddos. So that was today which meant setting up early, taking all the littles outside to enjoy the festival and taking it down afterwards. I'm exhausted but it was well worth it for all the fun they had enjoying the games!

After setting up I tried to get a few pictures of my sweet little peacock but she was much more interested in eating her cheerios! Ha! I just love how her costume came out! She loves it too. After prayer time, our boss mentioned the cute costumes all the kiddos had on and she took that to mean she should get up and prance around the circle rug! Everyone got a kick out of that. She loves spinning around in her tutu - though she did get tired of wearing it and ditched it after they came inside from the festival games.

 Lexie's favorite festival game was the decorating of the pumpkins. She helped me get the paper and markers to set up this station and could not wait to color all over the pumpkins! I don't think she even went any where else really!

Other games we had set up were a basketball game, cupcake walk and cupcake decorating, sucker pull, pumpkin bowling, treasure hunt sensory tables with rice and beans, a duck pond, pin the nose on the pumpkin, a couple bounce houses. Lots to do! 

I sadly missed Micah's class during his outside time running around taking pictures for the nursery wing's craft but I know he had a blast as well. He loved acting the part of his costume with loud ROARs everywhere! Tomorrow Micah gets another chance to wear his dino costume with a parade and his first preschool class party. Which means I better get to work as I'm in charge of the game for the party!

Do ya'll end up with as many Halloween activities as we do? Or is it all Trick or treating and nothing else?

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a said...

My girls were there this morning! :) Did you take all the pictures? My 2 year old was dressed like an owl.

Traci said...

Her costume is ADORABLE! I love it!!