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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{fall bucket list} Pumpkin Patch 2013

Once fall has arrived and my kids know that Halloween is right around the corner, the question I frequently get asked is when are we going to go to the pumpkin patch? Now here in South Texas that means a 'fake' pumpkin patch where pumpkins are brought in of course. There are many around here, some are much more elaborate with pony rides, apple orchard hay ride tours, mazes, petting zoos. However I'm always partial to a local Church not to far away from us for our annual pumpkin patch photos. The money raised from the sales helps their youth go on mission trips and retreats and if I time it right and we make it right as they open for the day, we usually have the patch to ourselves so their aren't distractions for our annual picture. Not to mention there is no cover charge. Not to say that we won't hit up a pumpkin patch with all the 'extras' later on this month. 
It wasn't the best weekend for this as it rained off and on all weekend but we braved it anyway. I brought our picnic blankets and luckily with the tree covering and hay on the ground it wasn't too muddy. 

Lexie was very excited about the pumpkins and has since carried around her pumpkin off and on around the house. 
The kids love to sit on the pumpkins and find one we can pick to carve with Daddy.  They have some that are probably almost as big as Lexie and maybe even heavier.
That rain gutter annoys me every year - I never notice it until I see it while editing
Another highlight is the horse saddle that they love to get on each year... well when they aren't too busy running around the little pumpkins trying to find the one they want to call their own.
Once they've finally decided on their perfect little pumpkins, we head out. Little Miss sass wanted to sit on all the photo opp spots on the way out but didn't want to take another picture with Abby and Micah. We leave happy with our $3 of little pumpkins. I just love that they love our little tradition and look forward to it every year. It puts a smile on my face how happy they are with their little pumpkins and how much they look forward to our annual visit.

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Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Great pictures, which patch did you go to?

a said...

SO cute. And I wouldn't have noticed the rain gutter unless you said something.

Colleen Pence said...

Your photos are adorable! And this looks like a really nice pumpkin patch. Can you share where it is?