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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Micah's pre-school Halloween Party

Micah had his first class party. The day started with a Halloween party to see all the cuties dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Everyone looked darling! 

Lunch and their normal circle time to end the day became the party time. Since it was the first class party for many of them, they were very concerned that they hadn't brought their lunch boxes but their teacher reassured them it was okay and they would have lunch at the party. Chick-fil-a nuggets, cheese cubes, and fruit for all.
After everyone had enough time to eat their lunch, they split into two groups. One to decorate cupcakes and one to play bean bag toss. Micah decorated his cupcake first.
 The cupcakes were darling! Cupcakes with green haired witches! Complete with a pointy with hat. (Which was Micah's favorite part - he barley ate any cupcake at the party but he did enjoy eating that candy/cookie hat!)
 Micah also enjoyed the bean bag toss game and was quite ambidextrous about it. He'd hold one bean bag in each hand and instead of switching and using the same hand to throw both one after the other he'd throw one from each hand. Probably result of being in a splint/cast for almost three weeks with his dislocated thumb. Now he uses both a lot more than he used to.
 We finished off with a round of Halloween Bingo using candy corn to cover the spots that were called. No pictures of that because that's what I was in charge of and Lexie was my little helper in my lap gobbling up candy corn! Ha!

All in all it was a very successful party and I think everyone went home with quite the sugar high!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Festival

Just bear with me this week as ya'll know Halloween is Thursday which means all activities this week include the optional costume so there will be loads of pictures of my kids in their costumes repeatedly all week I'm sure.

Tuesday is our ladies Bible study day and I work in the nursery taking care of the little ones in our care so the mamas can enjoy their studies. I've done this for 6 year now and every year the week of Halloween we have a fall festival for our kiddos. So that was today which meant setting up early, taking all the littles outside to enjoy the festival and taking it down afterwards. I'm exhausted but it was well worth it for all the fun they had enjoying the games!

After setting up I tried to get a few pictures of my sweet little peacock but she was much more interested in eating her cheerios! Ha! I just love how her costume came out! She loves it too. After prayer time, our boss mentioned the cute costumes all the kiddos had on and she took that to mean she should get up and prance around the circle rug! Everyone got a kick out of that. She loves spinning around in her tutu - though she did get tired of wearing it and ditched it after they came inside from the festival games.

 Lexie's favorite festival game was the decorating of the pumpkins. She helped me get the paper and markers to set up this station and could not wait to color all over the pumpkins! I don't think she even went any where else really!

Other games we had set up were a basketball game, cupcake walk and cupcake decorating, sucker pull, pumpkin bowling, treasure hunt sensory tables with rice and beans, a duck pond, pin the nose on the pumpkin, a couple bounce houses. Lots to do! 

I sadly missed Micah's class during his outside time running around taking pictures for the nursery wing's craft but I know he had a blast as well. He loved acting the part of his costume with loud ROARs everywhere! Tomorrow Micah gets another chance to wear his dino costume with a parade and his first preschool class party. Which means I better get to work as I'm in charge of the game for the party!

Do ya'll end up with as many Halloween activities as we do? Or is it all Trick or treating and nothing else?

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Friday night was Trunk or Treat at our gym. The littles were so excited to be able to dress up in their costumes! Trunk or Treat is like trick or treating except people pass out candy from their cars with decorated trunks (and we also had some set up at tables.) 

We headed into the baseball/concession stand area with our black jaguar, dinosaur and peacock and Abby saw the big pumpkin and asked to have their picture taken in front of it. 
 Lexie was still a little confused as to what was going on at this point but somewhat cooperated for the picture.
 Once we got to the trunk or treat area the kids were ready to take off! Well the big two anyway who knew what to do.
 Lexie followed behind and figured out what to do. She's a little shy around anyone she doesn't know very well so this wasn't in her comfort zone but candy is a powerful incentive for her.
She also had to look in her bag and try to eat every candy she got for the first three table/trunks before she would just leave it in the bag and continue on. 
After a few tables she got the hang of holding out her bag for the candy to be dropped in and she was a very happy girl! By this point Abby and Micah were getting tired of waiting for Lexie after her stopping to check the bag at every table so they were continuing faster than she was.
We wrangled them back in though and finished up with a round of ring toss before 'losing' them to the playground for a few slides before heading home. Overall a hit with the littles and good practice for Lexie before the big trick or treating night on Halloween. I doubt she'll even hesitate on Thursday! (The girl loves her some candy that's for sure!) 

Are your littles ready for Halloween? Did you attend any events over the weekend or is it all just on Halloween night for ya'll? 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween PJ link up

There isn't much better than a sweet freshly bathed baby in darling jammies. Well maybe a sleeping baby in said cute jammies (this on-going now month long sleep battle of teething + crib escapes resulting in a toddler bed for Lexie is wearing on me - and her - can you see the circles under her eyes?) 

So since the kids have long worn out but still try to wear their old sets of halloween jammies I figured this was was a great excuse to get some new cute Halloweeen jammies. Really it doesn't take much of an excuse to need cute new pajamas right. Though I'm really bummed and annoyed because I have not yet been able to find Halloween pjs in a girls 7. The little kid pjs stop at 5/6 and the big girls sections haven't had any Halloween ones - but as I was typing this I remembered Gymboree does go bigger and I hadn't checked their yet so that's my mission to find some for Abby today. Fingers crossed they still have some! 
Normally it's tricky to get Micah and Alexis to sit still but man oh man it took me 3 different attempts to get a keeper. Here are some of the outtakes. Micah is always fidgety but Lexie took the crown this time and was quite the busy busy little girl. She would sit then as soon as I'd get back to take the picture she'd swap and try to pose differently - where she wasn't next to Micah anymore. Such a trouble maker! 

Do you love Holiday pjs too? Hope over to visit Darci and Meredith and link up or check out some other cuties in their Halloween pjs. 

Happy Wednesday ya'll! 

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family bowling night

Over the summer I had great intentions of taking the kids bowling for the first time. We were so busy having fun elsewhere - usually in the pool that we never made it bowling. I had even signed up for the free summer bowling (2 games a week) for the kids but we never made it. So when Beau asked what we should do on a Friday afternoon and instead of our normal pizza picnic and family movie night, I suggested bowling.
We made it to the bowling alley around 4:30 and got our oh so attractive shoes for Beau, Abby and I (none small enough for Micah and Lexie) as well as the lightest kids bowling ball they had and headed to our lane. We of course had a lane with bumpers! 

While I set us up on the screen, Beau rounded up balls for him and I then we were set to start bowling. Abby and Micah vaguely knew what to do from the kids bowling sets we have as well as playing wii bowling so they were excited to try out the real deal. 

Lexie so far hadn't shown much interest in playing with the kids darling and fun milk carton and cow bowling ball set but she loved the real deal. She was so excited when it was her turn, insisted on carrying the 6 lb ball all by herself and would sit down and push it down the lane. Beau or I usually helped give it a little extra push because the time that we didn't I was very worried it wouldn't make it all the way down the lane! I wonder if she would have enjoy it more or less if they had had the ramps to roll the ball down?
Micah did pretty good bowling but he didn't quite have the finger strength to hold the ball so he started out bowling this way and then later switched to a two arm underhand between the legs method. 
The kids did fabulous the first round! Seriously - they beat me. All three of them. So that means that Lexie sitting down and one of us helping her push the ball down the lane was better than when I was bowling by myself. So yea I did not have a great first game!
Abby came in second both rounds with Daddy winning the first and I won the second. Beau would like a recount though because he thinks that we should count the strikes he got when he was bowling for Alexis or Micah when they took a popcorn break and didn't want to leave their snack.

Have you ever taken your littles bowling? I think we'll be going back! They all loved it so much. 

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fire fighter preschool field trip

Last week was Micah's first 'field' trip at preschool. At his preschool they do 'in-house' field trips where they bring in the field trip to the school instead of taking the kids somewhere else. 
I think it's a great idea! 

The fire fighters were the first to come visit and almost everyone was excited to see them. They all wanted to answer the questions and ask some of their own! 
The fire fighters talked about who to call in an emergency, what the fire alarm would sound like if you heard it going off, when to and when not to call 911/the fire department (which was my favorite because one of the kids said when their is an animal in a tree!) 

Then one of the fire fighters get all dressed out in his bunker gear, complete with hood, face mask, oxygen tank, helmet so they could see and hear what he would sound like if he was coming to rescue them in a fire. He could look a little scary to a little person and would also sound scary with the mask and oxygen on so I think this was such a great thing to show these kids that he wasn't someone to be afraid of. 

Then all the classes were able to have a tour of the truck and all the equipment, as well as a chance to get inside the truck. 
To finish off the field trip, the fire fighters turned on the small hose and sprayed some water to show them how they'd put out a fire.

If your littles have gone to preschool, do they have field trips? Have you ever visited a fire station for a tour? 

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