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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

what a week

The first week of school is over and week two is starting. This is the true test because homework starts this week and reality sets in. Micah also starts preschool this week (and oh man is he excited!) Then next week we start back with ladies Bible study (those I guess we kinda started this week since we had a team leader meeting this morning)

Micah had meet the teacher last Friday and didn't want to leave. He's going to have a great year - he has Abby's awesome preschool teacher for his teacher this year. 

Last week while Abby was in school - Micah had a busy week getting his thumb all fixed up. About two hours before Abby's meet the teacher, Micah was driving a lego car around in a circle and dislocated his thumb. After a trip to the med clinic and some x-rays we thought it was back in place because he was bending it. However after waiting a couple days for the swelling to go down, he wasn't bending it again. So off to the specialist and the hospital to be put under for them to work on his thumb. Thankfully it was able to be popped back in place without needing to open up his thumb.  He's taken it like a champ though and other than the first few days of it hurting him, after it was fixed up he's been bouncing all over the place like nothing happened.  Daddy stayed with him up at the hospital and sent me these pictures. It was just easier not to have to contain Lexie up there all day and I had to be at home for Abby when she got home. Before, waking up and post popsicles.

We had a very relaxed three day weekend.  It was (if you don't already know!) college kick-off weekend. LSU beat TCU in Dallas. It was a good game. The kids managed to stay up and watch (or play on the floor in front of the tv) for the first quarter then it was bedtime for them.  The rest of the weekend we spent playing, Church and 'trying' to clean the house on labor day. That didn't go so well when every time I moved to a different room the littles managed to create another mess in a clean area. 

Post three-day weekend, setting an alarm to get up for school left this little bit dragging. Alexis rarely lays on me and lounges like this. It was a rare sweet moment that had to end too soon so we could get ready for our morning meeting (side note - probably could have waited 10 more minutes and made it there at the same time with the way traffic was and how it was moving much better by the time we had been in it for 30 minutes) 
Abby did not feel the same way as Alexis though. At some point in the middle of the night/early morning she got dressed in the outfit she had picked out and came to sleep on the floor in my room. When my alarm went off so did her sass meter and she wanted me to hurry up so she could ride the busy instead of the extra 20 minutes at home and let me drive her to school. Alas she ran downstairs and started fixing breakfast for herself and Micah while I got up. Thank goodness we made it down to the bus stop with two minutes to spare - Abby would not have been a happy camper if we had missed the bus this morning. 

I think I might try and prep some of these pizza rolls for lunches. Starting tomorrow two days a week I'll be packing two lunches (Abby buys tray - pizza on Fridays) and I could use some more variety in my lunch packing.  If you pack your child a lunch - what's their favorite things to eat? 

Have a great week ya'll! 

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