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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Micah's first day of preschool

Today was a day Micah had been waiting for FOREVER! He was so excited to start pre-school today!
When we moved here and I started working in the nursery at our Church, I learned about the pre-school our Church also runs. It was such a natural choice when Abby was ready for pre-school because we already knew the building and the director and knew that Abby would feel most comfortable there. And we weren't wrong. I couldn't speak more highly of all the teachers that I've met that work in the preschool and we especially love the teacher Abby and now Micah have.
One of the many favorites about Micah's teacher Mrs. Ham is that she starts and ends each day with a circle time - either reading or a game they play together. I knew this might be hard for Micah because he's so used to going into the rooms at Church and finding what he wants to play with because our Bible classes usually start with an open play time. He was agreeable though and was excited when Mrs. Ham picked out a book about a moose for him to read on his dot. 

This mama didn't shed any tears (until now) about him starting pre-school because he was so excited about school and we love his school so much that I had no fear about leaving him there. Ask me again when Alexis starts school and it will be a different story because she'll be my last one going through the pre-school. 

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