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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'll admit it - I'm a TV Junkie: Fall TV 2013

My head is still spinning from all the information I learned at Blog Elevated over the weekend. I'm still processing it all. So instead I'll blog about something that doesn't take my brain thought at all - TV. Ashley over at I Love You More Than Carrots tweeted out last night that she had so much writing to do but after bedtime was over it was hard to find the motivation and that's where I've been stuck the past couple weeks since the crib-escapes started. Naptime is never long enough to finish a post after the running around of chores and quiet time. So I'm currently blogging sitting outside the girls door playing referee to a monkey escape artist. Whatever gets the job done right? 

There isn't anything I really watch on Monday. The hubs will watch football. I do occasionally tune into the Voice (especially the season Anthony Evans was on it) or Dancing with the Stars but nothing I can't live without watching. 

Now here is where life gets good. :) Two words Chicago Fire. So excited for the season premier that's starting right now! 
I also enjoy The Biggest Loser most seasons. 

Before this summer I would say that I would watch Law and Order: SVU on Wednesdays and that's about it. Then I caught Criminal Minds on repeats and I'm hooked. Both shows can leave you a little creeped out and paranoid, especially if you are watching them on the DVR late at night but I enjoy them... during the day at least. 

My favorite TV night of the week. I'll admit I'm still a big Grey's Fan - despite all extra dramatic how can all this stuff happen to them over and over again. 
 Then after hearing all the talk about how great Scandal was, I checked it out (thank you Netflix for helping me get caught up - beware you'll be up late way too many nights in a row catching up if you start now!) Needless to say I'm hooked.
And we can't forget the current season of Project Runway is still going on. 

There isn't anything premiering this week that I'm looking forward to but I will out myself and say that I enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. The season started two weeks ago so you can still get caught up on that one. 

This day of course is reserved for College Football. 

After all the football is over (and I make sure to set the DVR to record late to account for overtime games) it's time for The Amazing Race and another one of my favorites of the week - The Good Wife.

So now that I've outed how much of a tv addict I am. (Though we all need time to unwind after the day right?) What shows are you looking forward to this fall? 

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Colleen Pence said...

Some of these I watch and some I've never seen. I guess I have to break down and start watching Scandal on Netflix. EVERYONE says it's so good.

SensiblySara said...

I LOVE 'The Good Wife' too!!

But that's the only show you and I have in common! ;)

Traci said...

I like TV too! We watch How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls & I watch assorted reality shows - Housewives of OC & BH & I love Giuliana & Bill. Of course there's a lot of football thrown in as well.