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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Help! I've got a crib escape artist on my hands

So this is a first for me. Alexis has learned to climb out of her crib and there is no containing her at bedtime anymore. I'd love to say that this is a first because my first two were perfect angels (which they are pretty darn sweet) but in reality they slept in the big bed until they moved to their own bed around the age of two. Alexis decided she was ready to sleep on her own a lot sooner and so we set her in the crib and it was great for a couple months. I mean I had to go in and return her pillow, blanket, water, toy once or twice a night after they all got dumped out. Put her pajamas back on after she took them off but not a huge deal....

Until she learned to climb out.

She had done it once at naptime but then didn't do it again for three weeks. Then two nights ago it was 11 times out and put back in. Last night 15. The end result was mommy (and daddy) hanging out in the doorway reminding her to lay back down every 30 seconds or so when she'd forget we were there and try to escape again. The main issue with all this is that big sister who she shares a room with is awake and can't go to sleep with all the disruptions. 

Then come to find out the tip I'd always heard for toddler escape artist - the crib tent has been recalled so that's not an option anymore. 

If you've had a toddler escape artist - how long did this stage last for you? In other words how many nights am I going to be laying in her doorway to prevent escapes? I'm thinking I'll keep her in the crib until she learns to stay in then can switch to the toddler bed? 

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SensiblySara said...

My oldest was RELENTLESS when it came to climbing out of his crib. We would do our whole bedtime routine, tuck him into bed and close the door behind us. Then we would sit in the hall and give him a stern "NO NO" when he'd come out. Repeat over and over. By about the 3rd night, he KNEW we were going to be there and it stopped.


Colleen Pence said...

If she's climbing out maybe it's a sign that she's ready for the toddler bed? Good luck. This is a tough one!