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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gymnastics love

For the past year Abby had been taking gymnastics at a gym near us and nearly every week Micah would get jealous and want to go to gymnastics with Abby. Of course Abby didn't help this because when they moved to their new location they added a little kid section for mommy and me classes. When the US Family Guide bloggers contacted me about a promotion offering mommy bloggers Love to Swim and Tumble gymnastics trial classes we of course said we'd love to try it!  Needless to say Micah is loving it!

Love to Swim and Tumble School Review

Abby is improving too and loving it. She'd switch in a heart beat because they do more and varied activities.  You can see her amazing skills on the rings  (seriously - it's awesome in my opinion) and my review of Love to Swim and Tumble school right here

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'll admit it - I'm a TV Junkie: Fall TV 2013

My head is still spinning from all the information I learned at Blog Elevated over the weekend. I'm still processing it all. So instead I'll blog about something that doesn't take my brain thought at all - TV. Ashley over at I Love You More Than Carrots tweeted out last night that she had so much writing to do but after bedtime was over it was hard to find the motivation and that's where I've been stuck the past couple weeks since the crib-escapes started. Naptime is never long enough to finish a post after the running around of chores and quiet time. So I'm currently blogging sitting outside the girls door playing referee to a monkey escape artist. Whatever gets the job done right? 

There isn't anything I really watch on Monday. The hubs will watch football. I do occasionally tune into the Voice (especially the season Anthony Evans was on it) or Dancing with the Stars but nothing I can't live without watching. 

Now here is where life gets good. :) Two words Chicago Fire. So excited for the season premier that's starting right now! 
I also enjoy The Biggest Loser most seasons. 

Before this summer I would say that I would watch Law and Order: SVU on Wednesdays and that's about it. Then I caught Criminal Minds on repeats and I'm hooked. Both shows can leave you a little creeped out and paranoid, especially if you are watching them on the DVR late at night but I enjoy them... during the day at least. 

My favorite TV night of the week. I'll admit I'm still a big Grey's Fan - despite all extra dramatic how can all this stuff happen to them over and over again. 
 Then after hearing all the talk about how great Scandal was, I checked it out (thank you Netflix for helping me get caught up - beware you'll be up late way too many nights in a row catching up if you start now!) Needless to say I'm hooked.
And we can't forget the current season of Project Runway is still going on. 

There isn't anything premiering this week that I'm looking forward to but I will out myself and say that I enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. The season started two weeks ago so you can still get caught up on that one. 

This day of course is reserved for College Football. 

After all the football is over (and I make sure to set the DVR to record late to account for overtime games) it's time for The Amazing Race and another one of my favorites of the week - The Good Wife.

So now that I've outed how much of a tv addict I am. (Though we all need time to unwind after the day right?) What shows are you looking forward to this fall? 

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Friday, September 20, 2013

five on Friday: blog elevated edition

I'm so excited to be attending Blog Elevated this weekend. Not only do I get to attend a local(ish) awesome blog conference but I get to attend with many of my favorite #sabloggers  Though I've been slacking on my blogging this week I can't wait to soak up all I can this weekend. Day one rocked and I'm not sure how I'm going to have room to hold more amazing information from day two in my head yet. 
San Antonio bloggers at Blog Elevated
1. My first lesson I learned about attending a blog conference is that you should never update your iphone iOS right before. Ha! Lesson learned. I updated Thursday afternoon, had no issues that I could tell. Then Thursday morning I had 5 dropped calls that I chalked up to fluke until my camera app wouldn't open without a black screen then crashing. No pictures for me of the opening reception. (Since my phone is on it's 9th life I had to wait for it to die to reset it since I can't turn it off due to the broken sleep/wake button) Thankfully turning off and on fixed the camera - as for the dropped calls I guess we'll see....  At least I'm eligible for an upgrade (and have been for several months) so I can upgrade it soon.  Anyone else having update issues? Like/dislike the new update? 

2. The opening keynote speech was from Jon Saddington. It was a great way to start off the conference. He talked on entrepreneurship. The biggest takeaway right off the bat (until I have more time to process all the info we took in today) was that it doesn't matter unless you do something with it and don't be afraid to experiment. 

3. Session two of the day was a panel on brands and bloggers with several brands and PR people. It was great to learn about what is important to the brand when working with bloggers, and what kind of info they want to be given in pitches or when applying for blogger opportunities.  

4. Lunch was big for me because I am not an adventurous eater at all. I'm extremely picky... like a 2 year old. It drives the hubs NUTS. So lunch was organized fabulously with all the bloggers divided into groups of twenty to go around the center where the conference is being held and the different restaurants were hosting different groups. So one of the SA bloggers and I received our lunch tickets to Straits, an Asians, Thai fusions restaurant. Which is so far from my comfort zone and not a place I would have picked. Seriously I think Beau would have fallen out of his chair and won't believe me that I tired some of the food. The Satay skewers that we started out with though were oh so good as was the dessert. The rest of the tasting menu wasn't something I'd pick again with my oh so picky taste palate (I'm every serious chef's worst nightmare I'm sure of it) but I did try bites of it and they were good. The other ladies all loved it. Lesson learned here: I can be adventurous.... a little bit at least. 

5. The last session of the day was on SEO with Rae Hoffman. Oh man I'm still trying to process all that in my head. Such a mind-blowingly good session packed full of excellent information to implement now back to what Jon Saddington said and to implement it! 

Have you been to a blog conference before? If so what was your biggest thing you learned while you were there? This is my first real deal conference and so far it's been a lot of fun connecting with other bloggers and a lot of learning. 

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Help! I've got a crib escape artist on my hands

So this is a first for me. Alexis has learned to climb out of her crib and there is no containing her at bedtime anymore. I'd love to say that this is a first because my first two were perfect angels (which they are pretty darn sweet) but in reality they slept in the big bed until they moved to their own bed around the age of two. Alexis decided she was ready to sleep on her own a lot sooner and so we set her in the crib and it was great for a couple months. I mean I had to go in and return her pillow, blanket, water, toy once or twice a night after they all got dumped out. Put her pajamas back on after she took them off but not a huge deal....

Until she learned to climb out.

She had done it once at naptime but then didn't do it again for three weeks. Then two nights ago it was 11 times out and put back in. Last night 15. The end result was mommy (and daddy) hanging out in the doorway reminding her to lay back down every 30 seconds or so when she'd forget we were there and try to escape again. The main issue with all this is that big sister who she shares a room with is awake and can't go to sleep with all the disruptions. 

Then come to find out the tip I'd always heard for toddler escape artist - the crib tent has been recalled so that's not an option anymore. 

If you've had a toddler escape artist - how long did this stage last for you? In other words how many nights am I going to be laying in her doorway to prevent escapes? I'm thinking I'll keep her in the crib until she learns to stay in then can switch to the toddler bed? 

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Micah's first day of preschool

Today was a day Micah had been waiting for FOREVER! He was so excited to start pre-school today!
When we moved here and I started working in the nursery at our Church, I learned about the pre-school our Church also runs. It was such a natural choice when Abby was ready for pre-school because we already knew the building and the director and knew that Abby would feel most comfortable there. And we weren't wrong. I couldn't speak more highly of all the teachers that I've met that work in the preschool and we especially love the teacher Abby and now Micah have.
One of the many favorites about Micah's teacher Mrs. Ham is that she starts and ends each day with a circle time - either reading or a game they play together. I knew this might be hard for Micah because he's so used to going into the rooms at Church and finding what he wants to play with because our Bible classes usually start with an open play time. He was agreeable though and was excited when Mrs. Ham picked out a book about a moose for him to read on his dot. 

This mama didn't shed any tears (until now) about him starting pre-school because he was so excited about school and we love his school so much that I had no fear about leaving him there. Ask me again when Alexis starts school and it will be a different story because she'll be my last one going through the pre-school. 

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

what a week

The first week of school is over and week two is starting. This is the true test because homework starts this week and reality sets in. Micah also starts preschool this week (and oh man is he excited!) Then next week we start back with ladies Bible study (those I guess we kinda started this week since we had a team leader meeting this morning)

Micah had meet the teacher last Friday and didn't want to leave. He's going to have a great year - he has Abby's awesome preschool teacher for his teacher this year. 

Last week while Abby was in school - Micah had a busy week getting his thumb all fixed up. About two hours before Abby's meet the teacher, Micah was driving a lego car around in a circle and dislocated his thumb. After a trip to the med clinic and some x-rays we thought it was back in place because he was bending it. However after waiting a couple days for the swelling to go down, he wasn't bending it again. So off to the specialist and the hospital to be put under for them to work on his thumb. Thankfully it was able to be popped back in place without needing to open up his thumb.  He's taken it like a champ though and other than the first few days of it hurting him, after it was fixed up he's been bouncing all over the place like nothing happened.  Daddy stayed with him up at the hospital and sent me these pictures. It was just easier not to have to contain Lexie up there all day and I had to be at home for Abby when she got home. Before, waking up and post popsicles.

We had a very relaxed three day weekend.  It was (if you don't already know!) college kick-off weekend. LSU beat TCU in Dallas. It was a good game. The kids managed to stay up and watch (or play on the floor in front of the tv) for the first quarter then it was bedtime for them.  The rest of the weekend we spent playing, Church and 'trying' to clean the house on labor day. That didn't go so well when every time I moved to a different room the littles managed to create another mess in a clean area. 

Post three-day weekend, setting an alarm to get up for school left this little bit dragging. Alexis rarely lays on me and lounges like this. It was a rare sweet moment that had to end too soon so we could get ready for our morning meeting (side note - probably could have waited 10 more minutes and made it there at the same time with the way traffic was and how it was moving much better by the time we had been in it for 30 minutes) 
Abby did not feel the same way as Alexis though. At some point in the middle of the night/early morning she got dressed in the outfit she had picked out and came to sleep on the floor in my room. When my alarm went off so did her sass meter and she wanted me to hurry up so she could ride the busy instead of the extra 20 minutes at home and let me drive her to school. Alas she ran downstairs and started fixing breakfast for herself and Micah while I got up. Thank goodness we made it down to the bus stop with two minutes to spare - Abby would not have been a happy camper if we had missed the bus this morning. 

I think I might try and prep some of these pizza rolls for lunches. Starting tomorrow two days a week I'll be packing two lunches (Abby buys tray - pizza on Fridays) and I could use some more variety in my lunch packing.  If you pack your child a lunch - what's their favorite things to eat? 

Have a great week ya'll! 

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