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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OHC Fit to Fight for our Families

Over the weekend our Church launched our fall sermon series for all our campuses and services. And we didn't just start with a fresh sermon, we started it in a big way. Our Church has several campuses and each of those has several services. To launch our series, celebrate 55 years as a Church and 25 years of Max Lucado being our pastor, 10,000(ish) members gathered together in the AT&T center.

Abby was able to sing in the children's choir and not only did they get to sing but they were able to sing with our guest worship leader - Stephan Curtis Chapman. They sang one of his songs Children of God.   It was a once in a lifetime type of experience for Abby (even though she has no clue!)

We were there Saturday evening for rehearsal. It's hard to see but Abby is on the front row in a yellow shirt.
Sunday morning we were there early to get all the kids sat down together and our seats up in front to be near them. For the performance Abby ended up smack in the middle behind the keyboard singer and Ms Selma who was leading the choir, add in the middle school and high school ribbon twirlers and you couldn't see Abby on the stage except on the screens for the camera angles.
Here's a view from above taken by my friend Wendy. The kids are all on the back risers and you can see all the spotlights on Stephan Curtis Chapman (and him up on the screen on the side) 
Lexie says thank you for the goldfish in the kids goody bag! (Psst can you spot Max Lucado and see how close we were to the stage) Of course being so close to the stage was not a good thing when we got to hour 3 of being there and Lexie had a massive tantrum over wanting the communion juice. It was not an easy quick exit when I had to get Micah, tantruming Lexie, and Abby up those stairs you see in the bottom right of that picture to head to the cry room!
So we watched the remainder of the service from the cry room. (aka the suite boxes) Well tried to watch anyway - because we were there early and service was long with extra worship time to allow everyone time to get in and seated. The kids were very antsy by hour 3 of sitting. We made it through to the end and the moment they were waiting for - the glow sticks. 

Each glow stick represents a resolve from our Church members to strengthen our families and the families in our neighborhood around us.  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15
And one more from our Church facebook page. 
This fall our Church is committed to strengthening our families and those around us. If you are in the San Antonio area - you can see the schedule of sermons here and find a campus near you if you'd like to join us in this awesome series. 

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