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Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school photos 2013

The alarms are set, bedtimes have been moved up. No longer are the sweet summer days of playing outside a little longer after dinner or why not when the littles ask for a living room picnic and watch a late night movie. Of course the excitement of the first day means that even though the first day outfits are picked out and everyone is tucked into bed - everyone had trouble falling asleep.

My big girl who was so looking forward and kept asking when school would start started having overtired doubts and changed her mind about being ready for school. Her brave face about how she'd still see her friends on the playground and on the bus ride home turned into sadness that her friends weren't in her class this year. Still I think she'll make new friends and have a great day. She did say her teacher was pretty. (And I have to agree - I really like the first impression I got from her teacher) I can't wait to hear all about her first day when she gets off the bus. I don't know if I should be happy I am not going to be waiting in the first day pick up line or sad while I wait for her to get home on the bus since she didn't want me to pick her up.

Now my sweet little guy has been very excited for months now that he gets to go to school this year. He'll be attending pre-school at the same pre-school Abby went went and even has the same teacher (who is still Abby's favorite teacher!) He doesn't start back until after labor day but it's so close! 

Were your littles ready for school? How did their first days go? 

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Abby said...

AH, I love that desk, where did you find it? Sweet photos btw :-)

Stephanie Smith said...

Adorable idea!

Ashley said...

Great pictures!! I love the idea of an official photo shoot for back to school.