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Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm linking up with 5 on Friday on Friday again.  Do ya'll have any big plans for the weekend?

- one - 
Did you know you can now print instagram photos at Walgreens? They had a code that expired yesterday for 40% off that I used to print a ton of my instagrams. It was simple to load the app onto the ipad, log into instagram and select the ones I wanted to print.  I'm so awful at getting pictures printed that I at least have these current ones for now and I want find a cute way to display them and since it's so easy to print I can easily swap out for new ones when I want to. 
- two - 
We are soaking up the last two weeks of summer around here. Reality that school is starting back hit when I kept seeing first day of school pictures all over Facebook and Instagram this week. On the way home from an evening swim Abby got this idea in her head we should go camping. Since I vetoed outdoor camping and we had no marshmallows to roast Abby came up with a plan to camp inside, she went as far as to determine where everyone would sleep and what we'd do. She was so excited about her plan that I just couldn't say no. So living room camping and a late night movie it was. It was fun and so cute to see her so excited about it. (Until the following night with an extreme overtired meltdown at bedtime from the exhaustion of a full day and not enough sleep the night before)
- three - 
Where did this big girl come from? Pigtails and not much of a baby face anymore. She has a very strong will, know what she wants and the terrible two tantrums are already starting. Yikes! Not so fast little one you've got 5 more months before two! 
- four- 
My friend let me borrow her awesome antique school desk to take back to school photos of my kids! I'm so excited to go play mom-tog/photographer in the coming week and have new pictures of the kids. Maybe I'll even get those printed for the wall? I'm mostly excited because I failed on getting a birthday set up for Micah near his birthday so this beginning of the school year shoot is overdue for him. I'm hoping they are cooperative and we get some nice shots! 

- five- 
Our gym is having a luau this weekend and I'm excited to go hang out with our gym friends and play in the pool. Now that Abby passed the swim test and can go down the slides, Micah is getting braver about swimming without his puddle jumper. He made it all the way across (short ways) this week! I love that our gym puts an emphasis on family and has all these fun events for us to attend. 

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