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Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend Scenes

Road triping with littles can be very tiring. In between times in the car and places that weren't as 'fun' for the littles we managed to throw in some kid friendly fun. On the drive from Houston to Baton Rouge, a little past Lake Charles is the Gator Chateau. A place my parents stopped and took my brother and I when we were younger on our Lake Charles to Baton Rouge trips. Travel times hadn't worked out to stop before when they were open with my littles so I was glad we finally got a chance to stop and make my gator loving kids day.

First we saw these guys swimming in the pool outside. One big gator that we could see and several smaller gators (that we learned were 3-4 years old.) 
Once inside, this nice lady was holding a baby gator and asked if my littles wanted to hold him. Oh boy, they were excited! 
Can you tell this girl loves alligators? 

Saturday morning we had some free time before naptime and heading to my Aunt's wedding so I texted my friend and former college roommate to see if she could spare a few minutes to catch up. I'm so happy she was free and invited us to come over! We got to meet her absolutely precious little daughter Addi and she was able to see how big my littles are getting. Lexie was Addy's age last time we were in Baton Rouge (last summer.) 
 I totally failed at getting a decent picture of the four of them together though!
 Lexie never really had a lot of stranger anxiety but meeting all these new people in her cousins, great-grandparents she doesn't see often that she is wary that these 'new' people are going to pick her up and take her away so she was keeping her eye on Courtney while we were taking pictures.
The littles had fun swinging while we loaded up our bags in the morning. 
 If that's not the smile of a girl who loves her big sister, I don't know what is!
Then it was off for a delicious breakfast! Coffee Call - the place in Baton Rouge for beignets. Yum! 
 Abby loved that you could see them cooking them. Lexie was seriously loving on her sister and wanted Abby to hold her and not mommy.

 YUM! (How we managed to not leave with the kids totally covered in powder sugar I'm not sure - but they really didn't get too terribly messy!)

 And one final stop we couldn't miss before leaving town.... Mike! He's the LSU mascot and lives right across from the football stadium.

 I'd say this visit to Mike was a success - he came right up to say Hi!

How was your weekend? 

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Alvina Castro said...

Love all the pictures! Would love to hold a baby alligator and whats the story with Mike? It looks like such a fun trip :)

Traci said...

Love love love Coffee Call!!! Looks like y'all picked a good day to visit Mike. Last time I went he was asleep.

Courtney said...

So cute! I can't believe after all those pictures we didn't get a better one haha! Oh well! Hopefully see you soon!