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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Space Center Houston

Our 3rd stop on our Houston mini-vacay was NASA. (We spent time swimming and visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science on days 1 & 2) Some of our second cousins were excited to go there because they had heard about the Angry Birds Space exhibit there. I remembered enjoying Space Center Houston when we headed there for school field trips and with my mom while living in Houston.

First thing we saw entering the parking lot was the huge space shuttle that is now on the grounds. They were still fixing it up but it was still neat to see. With 8 kids it was impossible to get a shot with everyone. By the time I had let Alexis out the stroller, Abby was finished with the picture taking!

When we entered you could see the Angry Birds Space playground which the kids were very excited about. It looks huge - they even had a small section for toddlers. It was nice because they did have benches for parents to watch, along with video monitors so you could keep tabs on your littles. Though they weren't the highest quality and it was hard to figure out where each camera was in relation to the play structure but it was a nice thought!
The reason I was excited to bring my littles here was this - the alligators/reptile exhibit. If you've been around here, you know my littles LOVE alligators - if their Christmas gators weren't a big hint or their excitement over holding baby gators. So I thought they would love this! Unfortunately on the day we went the show schedule didn't include a gator show but they did see a few gators in the tanks.
They did have fun playing the space learning activities, as well as sat and enjoyed the simple science show that was put on.
They also enjoyed this little obstacle course.

My kids had a blast throughout the day and there was plenty to entertain them even though some of the history and science portions were over their heads a little. I'm glad we were able to head out there and that they enjoyed it! 

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Unknown said...

Great pictures! Now I REALLY want to go.

Blair @ Baby for Scale said...

How fun! We live in H-town and I had no idea how kid friendly the space center was! We're definitely going soon.