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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

kids cooking: personal pizzas

This summer I made out a weekly schedule of things I wanted to do with the kids so they had something to look forward to each day. So far on non-VBS or out of town weeks, we've done a good job of sticking too it - which means two whole weeks so far out of the summer. Tuesdays are a day I designated to bake/cook something in the kitchen with the kids. We decided to make personal pizzas for lunch.

So after breakfast (or around 4pm if you plan on having pizza for dinner) you'll need to mix up some dough. Our preference is The Pioneer Woman's pizza crust  - it's super simple and has yet to fail me. It even changed my hubs mind on liking homemade pizza - he hadn't like the crust recipe I had used before I found this one.

Once we made it home from the gym -  the dough was ready to make pizza. First I spread out some corn meal on the table for both kids thus acknowledging the fact it was going to be a bit messy and we'd clean the table while the pizza was cooking. Then I divided up the dough into 5 sections - one for breadsticks and 4 small balls for individual pizzas.
They took turns rolling out their dough, then I helped if they needed it to get it in a round shape for the individual pizza pans I have. If you are just laying them on a larger cookie sheet then they certainly don't have to be round. 
Next up the sauce. Some days we get fancy and I mix up a sauce of tomato sauce, tomato paste and some herbs, others we just use some tomato sauce.... I'll let you figure out what kind of day this was. A jar of pizza sauce would also work. The spreading of the sauce is serious work! 
Then comes the toppings. My kids are cheese only lovers most days. 
And here they are all ready to go into the *hot* oven. We follow the Pioneer Woman's recipe and bake them at 500 so it's hot and putting them in and pulling them out is my job. 
The breadsticks are usually done about the time the pizzas are ready to go in the oven. Last week I attempted cheese sticks since we were out of parmesan cheese. To make breadsticks I flatten out some dough with my hands - not rolled or they don't puff up and bake the dough. For the cheese sticks I added butter, garlic and cheese in the last few minutes of baking. My normal breadsticks I bake the dough, then top with melted butter and sprinkle ontop parmesan cheese, garlic salt and oregano. 
And 10 minutes later we had finished pizzas.
And some very quiet kids enjoying the rewards of their cooking. 
Do your kids enjoy helping in the kitchen? I still need to decide what we are going to bake today. It's supposed to be a rainy day so maybe some cookies. 

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Traci said...

I just ate lunch & now I'm hungry again!!

Colleen Pence said...

Those pizzas look great! Yummm.