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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone! Half-way to the weekend. Which meant a lot more when Abby was in school - summer time weekdays and weekends blur together a little bit. We are also halfway through summer and I can't decide if I'm ready for school to start or wish we weren't halfway already.
  • We had a major accomplishment at the pool this past week. To go down the slides at the gym, you have to pass the swim test. Which means swim the 25 meters end to end, without stopping using big arms (no doggy paddle) and then 30 seconds of treading water. Abby passed this test two summers ago at the end of the summer but since the slides aren't always open and she didn't pass until the end of summer, she never got a chance to go down them. Last summer and up until now this summer, Abby has been nervous to take and and would rather play in the shallow end. I knew she could do it but she just didn't want to. So in a brilliant parenting move I bribed her to take it since I knew she could and just really didn't want to stop playing. Just like how some days she says she's scared of heights on the rock wall in the gym and others it doesn't phase her when she wants to do it. The first time she made it thisclose to the end and then swam to the side instead of the end. She got a little tired and could have made it because the distance the end was barely more than the distance to the side wall but she got nervous. So the next time with Daddy encouraging her she made it and passed. YAY! Then we spent most of the rest of the time sliding.
  • Alexis wasn't feeling well Sunday afternoon with a slight fever. This called for popsicles. (Because Micah's theory is that popsicles make everything better and I thought we could all use a treat) Yummy... and a big drippy mess. A bath was up next. Thankfully it was short lived and she was fine by morning.
  • We spent Friday afternoon at Sea World. They had a baby beluga whale born on Tuesday and we arrived just in time to see the baby before it was his 'bedtime' and they closed down the viewing.
  • After seeing the new baby, we headed to Aquatica to cool off. The kids had a blast playing - Lexie loved finding some slides that she could go down in the baby pool area but also enjoyed going down a bigger slide with mommy as well. She's a brave one! She also enjoyed standing on a ledge and 'jumping' (okay stepping off) to mommy.
  • It's decorate ALL the things week at Bibleland in preparation for VBS round two. Round one was last month for 2-outgoing kinder, this is the massive round two for incoming first-outgoing fifth and then the team I work with is providing care/VBS for the kids too young to attend round two with parents who are helping with round two. So we headed up to Church to start the decorating process. Our theme is Championship Village - an Olympic theme and our group will be Team USA.
  • It was a rainy afternoon today so we pulled out some board games to play during quiet time. It's always fun but also challenging because Abby and Micah love to fight and pout when they don't win. It worked out today that we played three different games and everyone but Daddy had a turn to win once.
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Traci said...

It sounds like y'all are making the most of your summer! I was just talking to a co-worker & they were saying school starts here on the 8th. I can't believe it's so soon!

Lisa @ A Little Slice of Life said...

That Popsicle picture is priceless!