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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's Wednesday! How's your week going?  It's been a good but busy (isn't it always?) week here - a mix between fun, a little work and some gym time.

  • Sunday night we finished off the day with breakfast for dinner and a movie night. Lexie isn't into watching tv too much (that requires her to be way to still ha!) but she did briefly join Abby and Micah because she loves to do what they are doing. 
  • We had a slow start to the morning to our Saturday morning - as Abby slept in.... like practically teenager slept in, the littles totally destroyed the playroom. At least they were having fun and playing quietly. 

  • Once Abby was up, we spent the majority of the day outside in the backyard playing on the water slide. 
  • While the big two slide and run around, Lexie was content to play with balls and 'swim' in the pool at the bottom. 
  • Alexis LOVES potatoes. So much that she put her cookie down to swipe the rest of my potato (after I had already shared plenty with her) 
  • I seriously need to hit up Lowes or Home Depot for some sand/rocks or something to put over the mud puddle that won't dry up. Honey loves to lay in it to keep cool but that makes it 100 times harder to let her in the house to enjoy the a/c. 

  • We've spent lots of time at the gym this week. It's in the middle of a park with lots of deer so we often spot the deer in the morning or evenings. Monday morning however we saw something a little different... an armadillo crossing the parking lot. It was quick so I wasn't able to get a great shot of it though. 
  • Abby and Micah are loving climbing the rock wall at the gym. Abby took a long break where she didn't want to but has started wanting to again now that Micah can climb. Micah is doing pretty well for being as tiny as he is and doesn't quite have the reach he needs for some parts of it. The staff is great with both of them but we joked it would be easy just to pull him up to the top quickly ha! 

  • We had our second to last Tuesday night ladies Bible study. Our baby class attendance has been low with only one non-teacher babe (and the other 3 teacher babes have their moms in or near by the class!) It's still fun though and we get to really play. Lexie was having a blast on the horse last night. 
  • This morning we attempted the free summer movie. When we got to the parking lot I was worried because it was packed however turns out they were playing it on 5 different screens so we were fine. Free movie + $3 kids packs equals a cheap fun movie date. The kids loved their popcorns and drinks. Lexie sat still-ish for the first 45 minutes while she ate her popcorn, then wiggled, played, tried to lay on the floor and was ready to leave about 30 minutes before the movie was over but we managed to stick it out. Micah told me he didn't really like the movie (Ice Age Continental Drift) but I couldn't tell that from watching him sit still and watch the movie! 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

So glad Wednesday is almost over because that means I can see the light at the end of the work week tunnel!! That slide is so awesome! So not a fan of armadillo's. They tear up my landscaping. Knock on wood, we haven't had a problem lately. There's a movie theater in town that has a special during the sumer for kids, $5 for the movie, a drink & popcorn. My nephew LOVES watching a movie "on the big giant tv". ha!