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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dinosaurs, Butterflies and a whole lot of cousins: Houston Museum of Natural Science

Our mini-vacay in Houston with my cousin and my littles second cousins was jam packed with fun. On day 2 we all met down at the Museum of Natural Science. The littles, especially Micah, were excited to see the dinosaur bones and Abby was excited about seeing the butterflies. 

They didn't have to wait long to see a dinosaur because there was a giant one waiting when we walked through the first doorway. Then we were surrounded when we headed into the dinosaur exhibit hall. 
We had to pass the pendulum first though. As simple as it is, it's always fun to watch and wait as it gets closer and closer until it finally knocks down a block. 
Between the dim lighting and the giant dinosaur bones, Abby couldn't decide if she wanted to be scared or excited to see them all. This T-Rex was named 'Stan' (yes each dinosaur had a name - I'm sure that serves some purpose some how) and from his bones the paleontologist were able to determine he had been in some fights, had broken ribs that had healed as well as a bite close to but not severing his spinal column that had started to heal before his death. Did you know you could tell all that from some bones? I had never thought about before reading Stan's information. 
The littles took a moment to determine where we are on the map right here but as they did that Micah took notice that he has a dino toy just like this guy here. I was pretty impressed by his observation skills!
Alexis was a happy girl when we got to the butterflies because the part of the exhibit you walk through first had all sorts of buttons and touch screens that were perfect for her to play on. She was also released from the stroller and free to walk (or run!) around at this point since no strollers were allowed inside with the butterflies.
The 'nursery' where the chrysalis are hung was fascinating. It was amazing to see how different they all looked and the size differences, along with the butterflies that had just emerged.
Then we headed out into the butterfly part of the exhibit. It was beautiful to see all the butterflies fluttering about.
The littles really wanted one to land on them but I don't think they stayed still long enough for that to happen with all the things to look at and see.
"Mom, a butterfly just flew right over my head!" Pure amazement on her face!
Then we came upon a museum employee who had a grasshopper and a prickly stick. Abby was thrilled to say the least when he asked if she wanted to hold one!
The grasshopper was a little busy but the prickly walking stick stayed in her hand.

Then we saw Charro, the current resident iguana. He's quite the big guy. I didn't realize that green iguanas turn orange when they reach maturity!

The littles loved it! A wonderful (air-conditioned!) way to spend a summer morning!
What have you been up to so far this summer?

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Unknown said...

I love all your pictures Katie, thanks for sharing! I hope to make it to Houston this summer, seems like a perfect weekend trip!

Alvina Castro said...

This looks like so much fun! We have to make a trip over there now. Thanks for sharing all these great pictures :)

Yusuf Chowdhury said...

This is so much fun. I am with Michelle on this one. Pictures are so cool. Kind of like a story telling! Thanks for sharing, Katie.

Yusuf Chowdhury said...

This is so much fun and lots of amazing pictures. I share the same feeling as Michelle and Alvina. Thanks for sharing, Katie.

Mom on Mars said...

Great photos! That museum is absolutely one of my family's favorites. Doesn't matter how old the kids get..it's always fun.